On "Girlz of God" by Talia DeAndrea...

"What a joy to have known this author since she was a young girl and to witness the progression of her talent! This book is unique, written by a young lady for her peers to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. If you don't have a relationship with God, she helps you with that, too! Stories, quizzes, devotionals, and original artwork grace the pages of this book. There is something to appeal to all types of personalities. Talia's transparency holds the potential to get you thinking about issues that matter now and for eternity. Her desire is to help everyone see the uniqueness God has gifted them with, and she has surely encouraged me. I pray this book does the same for you." - Christa Sterken, Freelance Writer and Mother of Two. 

"Girlz of God is a unique and fun devotional book for girls. Talia's down-to-earth humor and sincerity make this book an enjoyable, yet challenging, read. This amazing devotional is jam-packed with quizzes, interviews, articles, stories, and more, which remind or show us who God is and what He has done for us. I highly recommend this book for any preteen girl." - Kara Siert, Author of Tales of Cunburra and Other Stories and The Duck That Wasn't Really a Duck. 

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