Washington, D.C. in Pictures

I got the amazing opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to represent Oregon at the VFW Voice of Democracy Speech/Essay Competition. It was great! I met a lot of neat people and went to some really cool places. What a great experience it was!

At the Lincoln Memorial.

I love these kids! (On the very right in black is my good friend Luke, who is also a Christian and photographer)

The gorgeous sunset God painted while we were on a boat cruise on the Potomac River.
While we were there, it snowed (a lot)! I was very happy. Haha!
I love these girls (Abby and Mary)! I loved hanging out with them in D.C.
 You know - just taking a picture with George Washington.
My fantastic, amazing roommate Amethyst! I love this girl so crazy much. We got really close in D.C., and I miss her so much.
What a great trip it was! I'm so thankful for this opportunity.


Something to Say

You haven't posted in so long...you're going to have to explain why.

Do you really think you should be encouraging people when you aren't doing well?

You haven't been in your Bible enough, or prayed enough. You've been messing up like crazy. You'd be a hypocrite to post a devotional for other girls.

These doubts (and ones similar to these) constantly run through my mind when I think about blogging, and how I've neglected it for the past three months. They nag at me, whispering the lie that I don't have anything to say...nothing worth reading, anyway.

And yet, something inside of me desperately holds onto this blog and longs to begin posting on here regularly again.

Things have been changing a lot in my life recently. I'm entering a new season of life...a season that is very different, and one that I don't feel entirely prepared for. I feel as though this season of life will involve a lot of change. But, though I do not necessarily like change or do particularly well with it, I think growth can certainly accompany it.

On my sister's birthday, we went to see the movie "Mom's Night Out." I had seen it once before and enjoyed it, but I really think the second time I watched it impacted me most. Even though the story was about mothers, I could relate to it. In one scene, when the main character was listening to some "words of wisdom" from a biker named Bones, I felt like the words were meant for me. The main character expressed through tears that she didn't feel good enough. Bones asked, "Good enough for who?" And she began to list multiple people in her life, as I did the same inwardly with people from my own life. Then Bones said, "Good enough for you." I could feel my own eyes watering at the thought. I've been trying to live up to my own unreachable standards, and I am never "good enough" for myself. As the characters onscreen continued to talk, the words spoke right to me.

God loves me...just for being me. He saved me by His grace, and I did nothing to deserve it, so why do I act like I have to do something or be something to "deserve" His love?

I sin...I am imperfect. But that doesn't change the fact that I do have something to say...something to share...something worth reading. God created me to be me - unique, genuine, beautiful me - and He gave me gifts and has a unique plan and purpose for my life.

It's the same for you. Don't think that you have to DO something or BE someone to earn God's love. He loves you so much, no matter what, and nothing can ever change that. (Romans 8:38-39)

Don't let the doubts and lies stop you from being the unique you that God created you to be. You have a story to tell...God's love to share. You have something to say.

I love you ♥. Talk to you guys very soon :).



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