My Mom ♥

I want to tell you about a person.

She is caring. She is kind.

She is thoughtful. She is generous.

She is giving. She is selfless.

She always puts others before herself.

She always thinks about what she can do to help other people.

She kisses my forehead to check if I have a fever.

She scratches my back just how I like it.

She is honest.

She is godly.

She is modest.

She lets me do dramatic winged eyeliner even though I know she likes it simpler :).

She encourages me in my dreams and pursuits.

She uplifts me.

She is beautiful, inside and out.

She listens to my friend, school, and life drama.

She is patient.

She is very patient.

She is far more patient than me. :)

She is a hard worker.

She is dedicated.

She is funny.

She has a beautiful smile and laugh.

She is so many amazing things, put together in one amazing person that I am blessed to call Mom.

I love you, Mom. Happy birthday. ♥

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Idols Come in Different Forms

Lately, I've had an idol.

Not a literal, crafted golden cow that I kneel down and worship.


This idol is a small, rectangular box with a touchscreen and a round home button. I constantly entertain it throughout the day, checking it at incredibly small time intervals, hoping for a new notification or message.

Can you guess what my idol is?

Yep. It's my iPod.

I pretended to be unaware that I was becoming obsessed with it, promising myself that I wouldn't use it as much as I did the previous day, but the thoughts I pushed to the back of my mind telling me otherwise inched their way forward.

I was idolizing my iPod.

Is there anything wrong with owning an iPod? With checking Facebook and Instagram? With texting my friends? No.

When I spend more time on my iPod than I do with my Savior and doing things I used to enjoy (like photography, blogging, and journaling), it becomes an issue. When I stay up far too late at night so I can watch videos on YouTube and then read a Bible verse or two really quickly on a Bible app before conking out and call it "good" for the day, there's a problem.

In Exodus 20:3, God says: "You must not have any other god but me." (NLT)

My time with God and my relationship with Him should be the PRIORITY of my day (and my life). My iPod is not going to last. I'm sure that when I go to be with Jesus, I will NOT be thinking, "Man, I wish I could post a picture of this on Instagram." That is pathetic. I won't care about Instagram anymore - I will be in the presence of my Savior.

So, I've decided to do something about my idol. I'm going to be taking a break from my iPod for a while. Not sure how long...maybe a week, maybe more. I know it isn't wrong in and of itself to own an iPod, and it's not wrong to enjoy playing on it. But I have pushed it to the top position in my life, the position only GOD should occupy, and I have felt spiritually dry, not really growing. I'm here saying right now, no more. I want GOD to be my number one priority. He is THE most important, and everything else fades in His Light.

Idols come in many different forms. What's yours? Is there something in your life that God has been telling you to let go, but you resist (like me)?

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