"Jesus Might be the Answer."

He was sitting against a brick wall reading, clad in a Beatles t-shirt and a tan ball cap. As we approached him, he looked up at us and slowly rested his book on his lap.

"We're going around asking people what they think is wrong with the world," a boy in my evangelism group said. "What do you think is wrong with the world?"

The man began to talk to us. After asking him a few more questions, we discovered that he believed people got into heaven by doing good works. "Do you think you're good enough to get into heaven?" I asked him. After pondering my question for a moment, he said yes. I explained to him that even one sin separates us from God. I began to share the Gospel with Him. The words just poured out of me, and I know it wasn't me doing the talking, but God working through me. The man said he knew the whole story about Jesus, and that he'd "been a Christian" a couple of times before. I knew that the man probably didn't know what it meant to really be in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We gave him a tract and asked him if he would read it. "Yes," he answered enthusiastically. Before we left, he said something to us that I will never forget.

"You know...lately, I've been spiritually searching, and Jesus might be the answer."

Last week, I went to Worldview Academy (you might remember me posting about it last year, too). Like last year, I had a great week. I was a part of an amazing small group, learned a lot from the speakers, and had fun participating in the color team relay. The best part for me, though, was the day we went out and evangelized.

Yesterday, I discovered this quote by Kirk Cameron: "If you had the cure to cancer, wouldn't you share it? You have the cure to death...get out there and share it."

Evangelism was amazing. We were put into small groups of three or four people, and we got to go out and evangelize for around forty-five minutes. Talking to different people really caused me to have a heart for the lost people in the world. So many people need Jesus desperately. A couple people were really open to the Gospel, like the man in the Beatles t-shirt. Others told us to go away, laughed, or called us judgmental when we said the name Jesus Christ. Whatever their reaction was, I want to continue praying for the people we talked to (and those we didn't).

I also want to encourage you to pray for people, too, and to talk to people about God. It's not our job to save people - that's God's job. God does want us to plant seeds in people's hearts, though. God has given us hope and saved us from eternal darkness and separation from Him. How can we not share it?

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4th of July

Hey, Girlz!

I know I've been gone for a while...I've tried to post before now, but I am really busy with practices for a play my siblings and I are in. Nevertheless, I am glad to be back. I'm going to try to post more often, but I know that it'll be tricky since this summer is quite busy for us!

For you U.S.A. readers, how was your 4th of July? Mine was great! This is the first 4th of July that I've known how to manually change the settings on my camera, so I was ecstatic when I could actually capture decent pictures of the fireworks! Haha :)!

Grandpa made burgers, and my family (along with some other relatives) enjoyed them for dinner! They were so yummy!
Grandma made dessert...angel food cake with whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate frosting! Um, YUM!

Taking pictures while everyone else was getting their burgers :)
Taking some pictures before the fireworks...
And now, for the fireworks...they were sooo cool! I loved the show :). Plus, it was really fun watching them with my family, cousin, and some friends (who got us all hot chocolate because it was really cold! They're pretty cool :)).

This one reminds me of pixie dust!

 After the fireworks, we went to my grandparents' to do some little fireworks with my aunt, uncle, and some cousins. It was lots of fun, and I snapped some pictures of sparklers that I think turned out really cool!

What did you do for Independence Day?

God bless you, Girlz! Lean on Him and look to Him always! <3 he="" loves="" matter="" no="" p="" what="" you="">
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