There's Something About the Ocean

"Something about the ocean makes me rise up and praise. Something about the heavens makes me stand in awe againS. omething about the sunrise reminds me of Your faithfulness. Something about the ocean and I'm lost in love again." - Ocean, Ten Shekel Shirt

We went to the beach yesterday.

The last time I'd been to a beach was August of last year, and I had missed it.

When I go to the beach, I always - ALWAYS - get at least my feet wet. I'm not the type to let the waves barely brush my toes. No - instead, I love it when I'm standing on the shore and the wave crashes down a few feet away and whooshes past me, coming up to my ankles.

"If you were the ocean, I'd be the sand. If you were the song, I'd be the band. If you were the stars, then I'd be the moon - a light in the dark, my darling, for you." - The Boat Song, JJ Heller

I love the beach. There's just something about it that's hard to describe. Like a sunset or a sunrise. It's so amazingly beautiful and incredible that you don't wanna look away. Just the sight of it can be therapeutic, in a way. Seeing a sunset, or going to the beach, you can just really...sense God's presence. And you can't help but think, Wow, God. You are beautiful.

God is incredible. It's amazingly beautiful and incredible to think that God came up with sunsets and sunrises and beaches. I'm sure that He knew when He was creating them that they would be great blessings to people. Because, I don't know about you, but when I see God's beautiful creation, I am SO in awe. God, You're so beautiful.

"I see Your Face in every sunrise. The colors of the morning are insinde Your eyes. The world awakens in the light of the day. I look up to the sky and say...'You're beautiful.'" - You're Beautiful, Phil Wickham
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(photos and typog by me)

p.s. Please be praying for some people that go to our church, as they have just recently lost their father ♥.


Making God my Number One Priority

Doing my devotions isn't that important.

That's the lie my actions had been shouting for far too long. Reading my Bible and talking to God often is something I struggled with a lot last year. Each morning when I'd get up, I either wouldn't think about reading my Bible or would think about it but just not do it, making up excuse for why I "couldn't"..."I have to do school." "I want to eat breakfast." "I have so much to do. I don't have time." And on and on...It's not that I didn't think doing devotions was important. It just wasn't as important to me as it should have been, and my actions screamed that it wasn't important to me at all.  I didn't see reading my Bible and talking to God often as a necessity but rather as an accessory.

I knew something needed to change.

On January first, I was determined that this year was going to be different. Yeah, I think I know what you're thinking..."New Year's Resolutions are one ever keeps them!" "Everyone just falls back into doing what they did before." "None of the changes people make at the beginning of the year last." While those assumptions are true in many cases, I think one of the reasons many New Year's resolutions don't last very long is because people don't actually think they will. Does that make sense? People know deep down that they will probably fall back into their old habits, so even though they make resolutions, they make them with the expectancy of failure...and that's often what happens.

However, this year, I knew I needed to make a change, and I was (and still am) so determined to read my Bible and talk to God often every single day.

 I have not missed a day since January 1st yet.

I'm not saying that to brag. That's not my intention at all! I'm saying it because now that I've been reading my Bible and talking to God every day, something has changed within me. I now know how important and necessary it is to spend time with God daily. I've realized that my time with God needs to be the number ONE priority of my day each and every day, not something I do if I have time. I know it's hard to spend time with God when you have school, music lessons, sports, friends, family, meals, after-school activities, and sleeping. But if you do spend time with Him every day, it is SO worth it. I feel closer to God than I have in a very long time, and each morning I wake up and read His Word and feel SO refreshed and renewed. I feel so blessed, encouraged, and equipped, and by spending time with God I truly want to love others and live for Christ, and - trust me - that is something way easier to do when you are actually spending time with God.

 I used to feel like spending time with God was a chore, but now that I've been doing it daily, I don't see it as a chore...I see it as a blessing, which is what it really is. Make time for God today, girls. It is SO totally worth it.
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