Winter Jam

One day, I was looking up Christian concerts online, and I randomly decided to look up the tour dates for Winter Jam (a big Christian concert). I was so excited to discover that a concert would be coming to my state! Plus, I noted, the tickets cost only $10 at the door! It was too good to pass up. So, I messaged my youth pastor about thinking about taking the youth group. Within a couple days, he had a whole overnight trip set up for the youth group! I was extremely excited.

The bands/artists that played/sang in Winter Jam included Tobymac, Jamie Grace, and Group1Crew. I'd seen those three artists/bands before, but I enjoyed them so much this time too!

Phones aglow! (the unintended blurriness created cool bokeh! LOL!)

Chris August
Red (they kinda scared me, but their set was cool. It had fire we could feel the warmth of!)

Group 1 Crew
Jamie Grace

Sidewalk Prophets
My cousin and I didn't know we were supposed to stay with the group after the concert, so we went to meet Jamie Grace (oopsy!)! My sister and one of the leaders found us and they were like, "Where were you?!?!" and we were like, "What did we do?!?!" Haha :-). But Jamie Grace was really sweet & genuine! Even though there was a long line of people waiting to meet her, she took the time to talk to each person and ask their name and how they were doing :-). Plus I got a poster signed! YAYAYYYYAYAYA! :) Haha:).

In conclusion, the concert (and the whole trip!) was great! It was awesome to see so many people respond to the gospel and proclaim the Name of Jesus, and lots of people recommitting their lives to Christ! If a Winter Jam is coming to your area, I'd totally recommend it :-)!
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Brooke  – (November 18, 2012 at 7:32 PM)  

WOW, That's SO amazing! I saw Group 1 Crew last month in concert (and met them) and they were really nice! Also, Toby Mac has the best music, I totally LOVE Jamie Grace's, and they're all really good! I saw that Dara Maclean was there as well, and she's fantastic too. I'm glad you had fun. You must have had a blast :)

Emma-lee  – (November 27, 2012 at 11:41 AM)  

Woah! Looks like a lot of fun :O) You're so lucky to have met Jame Grace!

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