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Last week, my family and I went to a science camp for homeschoolers. Going, I was a little skeptical, but it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I learned so much, got to spend time with my family, and made lots of new friends. I didn't know if my sister and I would make any friends in our age group, but we ended up becoming friends with everyone in our age group (plus some other kids :-))!

Every day, each age group had different classes where we got to learn stuff about science (some of which was over my head, but still good to know) and do stuff. On Monday, we looked at bugs (gross, but cool!) and the rest of our age group went wading through a creek. I, however, am not the wade-through-creek-filled-with-bugs-and-dirt type, so I sat that one out. It was cool seeing their finds, though!

One of the days, we got to do forestry. We measured trees and used a bore on a couple trees, and we set live squirrel traps and used GPSes. It was cool (although the hiking was tiring :P)!

Another one of the days, we got to dissect small sharks. It was so neat! When we first entered the room, I was kind of nervous for dissecting a shark. I mean, dissecting something is pretty gross. But, it turned out to be REALLY neat! It was probably my favorite of the science-y activities we got to do. I cut open the stomach XO! Eew! But it wasn't so bad :-)...

When my sister and her dissecting partner opened their shark, its insides were covered with gross brown stuff, and their were large "sacs" inside the shark that didn't look like normal body parts. Our instructor, Joel, had no idea what was wrong with it. Haley's partner cut open one of the sacs and found two baby sharks inside! And Joel found two more! It turned out that the shark was pregnant! It was so cool to see. Definitely not the sort of thing you see every day! :-)

On the second night, we played a game called Peter Pan Plunder that was really fun. We were split up into teams and tried to get the other teams' treasure. The team I was on, Blue Team, ended up winning! It was pretty fun. For our prize, we all got eye patches! Arrrrg!

There was also a skit night one of the nights. My family did a funny Star Wars skit where Luke, Leia, and Darth Vader are at a counselor's office. It was quite funny, if I do say so myself! Some of the other skits were quite funny, too! It was a lot of fun.

Other fun stuff we got to do included mini golf, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, boating, playing games, archery (I couldn't stop thinking of Katniss Everdeen), and beach volleyball. All in all, it was a great week! I had SO much fun and learned so much about God's creation! Plus, I am so glad I met my new friends :-). They rock!

What have you been up to? Can you believe fall has already begun? AHHH, it's crazy!

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Eli OKeefe  – (September 27, 2012 at 11:37 AM)  

Autumn is my favorite season! I love how it's not too cold and not too hot:) I just found your blog through "Designed to Inspire" and I really like your posts! It's hard to find a blog by godly girls, and i love how you say what you believe in and don't back down:)

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