On My Heart Lately

(Warning: strongly-opinionated, somewhat political post ahead :))

Abortion has really been on my heart lately. I've posted about it before, but I keep thinking about it and wishing it did not happen.

No matter how you twist the facts, abortion is murder. I read this post on Brooke's blog and thought I would re-share the facts she stated with you.

  • When does the unborn baby's heart begin to beat?
  • The heartbeat begins on the 21st day after conception.
When does the brain begin to function?
Electrical brain waves have been recorded as early as forty days.
How early can a baby survive outside the mother's womb?
  • Currently, twenty weeks is considered the accepted minimum. However, this time will be reduced as medical technology continues to improve.
    • But what about the child with disease who will die a slow death or live his life as a burden to his family?

      Do you believe the new "ethic" should be that we kill the suffering or burdensome? Some of these cases are tragic, some are also inspirational. We cannot assume the responsibility for killing an unborn child simply because the child has not yet been seen in public. The child's place of residence does not change what abortion does - kill a human being.
    • What about the population boom? We can hardly feed the people of the world now!
      True, the population of the world is growing, but population is not much of a problem in the United States. With a birth every 8 seconds and a death every 11 seconds, the U.S. population is growing at less than one percent per year.
    • Population growth or decline compares replacement of the current number of reproductive age individuals with the number of babies being born. By this measure, the United States is now in a sharp population decline.
    • How can a girl give up her own baby for adoption and go through life never knowing what is happening to her child?
Which is better to remember, "I gave my baby life. And because I loved him, I gave him into the arms of a loving couple" - or to remember, "I selfishly ended my baby's life?"

(all facts from here. Please know I do not reinforce the site/its content, since I have not read it other than these facts)

A "bunch of cells" wouldn't have a heartbeat. I get so angry and fired up when people say its "their body" and therefore "their choice." Since when should WE get to decide if we kill unborn babies or not?

Truthfully, I can't relate with how women considering abortion feel. I don't know what they've gone through. I know things may be really tough, and perhaps having an abortion could end or altogether avoid the toughness for the woman. But I do know that no matter how bad of a spot somebody's in, they shouldn't take a child's life.

For the ladies out there who have had abortions - there is forgiveness. You don't have to live with guilt forever. Someone pointed out to me that these women need love - not someone saying over and over that they're wrong. They need the love of Christ.

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Outdoor Camp

Last week, my family and I went to a science camp for homeschoolers. Going, I was a little skeptical, but it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I learned so much, got to spend time with my family, and made lots of new friends. I didn't know if my sister and I would make any friends in our age group, but we ended up becoming friends with everyone in our age group (plus some other kids :-))!

Every day, each age group had different classes where we got to learn stuff about science (some of which was over my head, but still good to know) and do stuff. On Monday, we looked at bugs (gross, but cool!) and the rest of our age group went wading through a creek. I, however, am not the wade-through-creek-filled-with-bugs-and-dirt type, so I sat that one out. It was cool seeing their finds, though!

One of the days, we got to do forestry. We measured trees and used a bore on a couple trees, and we set live squirrel traps and used GPSes. It was cool (although the hiking was tiring :P)!

Another one of the days, we got to dissect small sharks. It was so neat! When we first entered the room, I was kind of nervous for dissecting a shark. I mean, dissecting something is pretty gross. But, it turned out to be REALLY neat! It was probably my favorite of the science-y activities we got to do. I cut open the stomach XO! Eew! But it wasn't so bad :-)...

When my sister and her dissecting partner opened their shark, its insides were covered with gross brown stuff, and their were large "sacs" inside the shark that didn't look like normal body parts. Our instructor, Joel, had no idea what was wrong with it. Haley's partner cut open one of the sacs and found two baby sharks inside! And Joel found two more! It turned out that the shark was pregnant! It was so cool to see. Definitely not the sort of thing you see every day! :-)

On the second night, we played a game called Peter Pan Plunder that was really fun. We were split up into teams and tried to get the other teams' treasure. The team I was on, Blue Team, ended up winning! It was pretty fun. For our prize, we all got eye patches! Arrrrg!

There was also a skit night one of the nights. My family did a funny Star Wars skit where Luke, Leia, and Darth Vader are at a counselor's office. It was quite funny, if I do say so myself! Some of the other skits were quite funny, too! It was a lot of fun.

Other fun stuff we got to do included mini golf, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, boating, playing games, archery (I couldn't stop thinking of Katniss Everdeen), and beach volleyball. All in all, it was a great week! I had SO much fun and learned so much about God's creation! Plus, I am so glad I met my new friends :-). They rock!

What have you been up to? Can you believe fall has already begun? AHHH, it's crazy!

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The other day, I picked up my Bible and just held it for a moment. In doing so, a thought struck me...Wow. I really missed my Bible! I hadn't read it in a while, and I really missed it. I missed digging into God's Word. So I opened it, and I read this verse, which really stuck out to me (even though I'd read it before):

Don’t sin by letting anger control you. Think about it overnight and remain silent. (Psalm 4:4 NLT)

This is something I need to work very hard on! I am not good at all at controlling my anger. I let it "control me," like the verse says, and I say or do things I regret later. Does anyone else struggle with this? I have been realizing lately that I just...get mad really easily. I think part of the problem is that I over think things and that I think negative things about people. Instead of thinking. "They probably didn't mean it like that..." I think that they meant the worse possible thing. Does that make sense? 

I wrote the reference to that verse (Psalm 4:4) on my hand a few days ago so I would remember to not sin by letting anger control me. I learned from experience that it does no good to just let your anger run rampant. Thinking about why you are angry overnight can get you cooled down and help you respond in a more loving way.

God certainly doesn't want us to lash out in anger at others. He doesn't want us to act out of anger. While I don't believe it's a sin to be angry, if we put our anger into actions and words (and thoughts, sometimes), it's not good.

I don't totally know why I'm sharing all this with you. Probably just because it's been something I've been really struggling with lately...something I need to work on. Let me leave you with this for now: God totally helps with anger issues. After reading that verse, my temper was easier to control.

Anyway, I hope you have been able to relate to or learn from this post in some way. I hope you have a wonderful day :-). 
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p.s. Happy birthday, Sam!

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Because...you're so special.
Because...I can talk to you about anything.
Because...you always listen and give good advice.
Because...you make me laugh.
Because...you are so beautiful inside and out.
Because...you strive to follow God in your everyday life.
Because...you are such a great role model for me.
Because...I don't know what I'd do without you.
Because...you're always there for me.
Because...you are so thoughtful and generous.
Because...you are compassionate.
Because...you genuinely care about others.
Because...you are a wonderful sister and daughter to your siblings and parents.
Because...you are a hard worker.
Because...you inspire me.
Because...your love for God shines through you.
Because...you are genuine, authentic, and real.
Because...you have integrity.
Because...you are you.
Because...you are one of my best friends on planet earth...

I want to wish you a happy belated birthday. I love you, Sarah.

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I'm one of those people who is not very fond of change. Sure, I like it in some instances...like when I'm old enough to wear makeup, or I get contacts, or people become Christians. That kind of change is good. But some change makes me sad.

A lot of things have been changing lately. My youth pastor moved away, we have a totally new youth pastor (and youth room and youth group name), some of my friends moved away, I'm taking a class at public school, and just other stuff like that. A bunch of small things are changing, too. And even though they seem small, they make me nostalgic, because they've always been there - for as long as I remember. Know what I mean? Some things in your life have just always been there, and when they change or go away, sometimes you just...want to cry, I guess.

It's hard to believe I'm in high school. It seems like my childhood flew by (although it didn't seem like it at the time). Certain things from my childhood make me nostalgic, too. I guess everything makes me nostalgic, haha :). (okay, "everything" was an exaggeration, but still...) For instance, today I wanted to get "The Tigger Movie" from the library. I watched it a ton when I was little. And in all honesty, I bet I'd still like it now, because...it's familiar. It's something that hasn't changed. Silly as it sounds, The Tigger Movie is comforting because it was something I had when I was little. Seemingly meaningless things like a certain doll dress, a movie, and a keepsake make me long for things to stay the same.

What I'm slowly realizing is that things change. People change. I guess I've known it for a while; I have just been slow to admit it. I don't want things to change. I don't want people to change. I want them to stay the same. I want BFFs to be BFFs forever. But, things do change. Material things and people will change. But...God won't. He will always be there. He will always love you more than you can imagine. His love will not go away. He will not move away. He will not change. He will stay the same forever.

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
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