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Today was a rather long but pleasant day! Mom woke me up at 5:30 am, I had a breakfast of chicken noodle soup and nutella with pretzels (YUM), then we headed out at 6:30. We were driving a couple hours away to drop one of my sisters off at camp and have my other sister's hair done (she looks adorable).

We dropped my sister off at camp after hanging around for a couple minutes, then headed to the hair salon. My grandma came along on the trip with us (she drove on the way back), so while my Mom stayed with my sister to get her hair done, we went shopping at a Christian bookstore! She got a book for my sister, Bible comic books for my brother, and a movie for my other sister and me called "Monumental" that was produced by Kirk Cameron (great actor). Have any of you seen it? I hadn't even heard of it before, but I've seen Kirk Cameron in "Left Behind" and "Fireproof," and he was great in both, so I thought it looked interesting! Fireproof is a great movie, by the way :-).

We went out to lunch after picking my Mom and sister up, and guess where we went?!?! Chipotle! Yes! I really enjoy Chipotle. Their burritos are delicious. Every time, I get mine with chicken, white rice, pinto beans, corn, cheese, and sour cream. It is blissful. The burritos are huge! I was really hungry since I hadn't eaten since 5:30, so I ate the entire thing! (not a hard thing to do at Chipotle, actually) After that, we went to the store, where we did a bit of shopping. We also got frozen yogurt, which was absolutely delicious! It had strawberries on it. Yum!!! My little sister also got a (early) halloween costume - Rapunzel from Tangled! It comes with a wig, too! She is going to be so adorable! I'm debating in my head whether to be 1) Katniss Everdeen, 2) a person at a masked ball, or 3) Spider GIRL. Which one do y'all think? Two years ago my best friend and I were iPods, but I can't remember what I was last year...hmm...

During the drive home, we only had to take a couple stops for potty breaks. When we got home, we met my Grandpa for a yummy dinner of burgers, fries, and a hotdog for my younger sis, then we came home (very tired, but having had a good time). Tomorrow I am hoping to relax and catch up on Bible Bee.

How was your day today? Do you like nutella? Who are you going to be for Halloween?

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Madeline  – (August 3, 2012 at 6:01 AM)  

KATNISS EVERDEEN! DO IT! I wish I thought of that, but I already have my costume. I'm going to be an owl. :D
OF COURSE I like nutella! It's one of the best things in the world!

Brooke  – (August 3, 2012 at 7:08 AM)  

That sounds fun! I vote for Katniss Everdeen.=]

Kara Klarabelle Siert  – (August 3, 2012 at 8:25 AM)  

1. Hi Talia!
2. I love your new blog design!
3. Your signature is cool.
4. My day today has been good so far! It's a I'm-catching-up-on-all-my-friend's-blogs-today day. :D
5. I have never had nutella! *gasp and point*
6. I will mostly likely be myself again. I think last year I might've dressed up for the trick-or-treaters. At least I dressed up as a faery for Good News Club. I can't remember if I dressed up on Halloween or not.
7. A person at a masked ball! That would be amazing! For Hello, Broadway! we sang Masquerade so a couple friends and I went shopping for masks, but we had to go through a very, very scary section of Halloween moving manequinns (I cannot spell!) to get to them! Augh! It was very terrifying. So my friend's mom go with us. :)

Sonya Joy  – (August 3, 2012 at 8:59 AM)  

My family doesn't celebrate halloween because of its origins (it is basically a celebration of the devil.) It sounds like you had a good day though!! When are you going to start doing devotional posts again?

Heidi  – (August 3, 2012 at 9:10 AM)  

It was good. I stayed at home the entire day. I stayed in my pajamas all day and wore them for bed last night too! It's fun.
I LOVE nutella!!!
I am going to be either Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Instead of getting candy, my sister and I will go around my town and give out tracts and give out candy. It sounds like a good way to share my faith!

Nicole  – (August 3, 2012 at 5:51 PM)  

Mmm, Nutella is delicious! ;) Haha, my brother pointed out on the commercials for it that it describes it as "part of a nutritious breakfast"...but it doesn't say that Nutella is the nutritious part. ;)

Sounds like you had a great day! I hiked up a mountain with my family today...which was fun, but tiring. We're traveling around the US right now and are in CO, but we're from FL...totally not used to hiking up 1,000+ feet. ;) Going down from the summit was a lot better than going up - except for the 15-20 minute part where we were pelted by rain drops and attacked by the gusting wind...brr. But then the sun came out, our cold fingers thawed, and I took pictures of flowers. Simply wonderful. ;)

Oh, and by the way, a question for you: would mind if I copy the idea you had a couple of posts ago, in one of your Summertime Rambles, to list a bunch of movie quotes and have people guess them? I had fun doing that, and I'd love to include it in my post - and I'll def link to your blog and credit you as the inspiring originator of the idea! {Did I just make up a word? Not the very least, I used it incorrectly. Oh, well.} ;)

Anyway, great post, Talia! Loved reading about your day!

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