Girlz Like You Interviews: Michal Garza, 14

{Girlz Like You Interviews}

I've had the privilege of getting to know Michal a bit through e-mail and by visiting her blog. She is a beautiful young woman of God, and I am so excited that she agreed to do this interview! Thanks so much, Michal!

Tell us a little about yourself.
The first thing you should know about me is that I love Jesus Christ and I want to love Him more every day of my life. When I'm older, I'd like to either go into the medical field or go into ministry. Basically I just want to have a job where I am helping people. In 2010, I was hospitalized for three months due to stomach problems. I'd always had terrible stomach aches, but it got to the point where I was no longer eating anything. It took a lot of time to recover, but the Lord was with me the whole time. He literally saved me from death. Because of that experience, I have come to know that life is a precious gift, and I don't want to waste mine. No matter what happens, I'll be happy as long as I'm pointing people to Christ.

What are some of your hobbies?
I love writing, and I've always loved reading. At home I have a huge collection of books! I also really like singing. Music just makes me feel alive. I love listening to worship music, but I also really enjoy country and opera, as crazy as that sounds. Ever since I've watched The Phantom Of The Opera, I haven't been able to stop singing the songs! And as for country music, Carrie Underwood has always been my favorite singer to listen to. 

When did you get saved?
I became a Christian on March 30, 2005. I had always grown up in a Christian home and gone to church, but I never really "got it" until I was seven. Our church was having a Revival, and one of the speakers was talking about just how much God loves us. He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and take away our sins. Because He did that for us, if we ask God to forgive us of our sins and to be the Lord of our life, we can be sure that we will go to Heaven when we die. We can also have the joy of having a relationship with the Lord, and knowing that He will always be there for us. Once I realized that, my eyes were opened to how much I needed God in my life. I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart and to forgive me of all my sins. Since then, I've never been the same! Jesus is the only one who can give true love and peace, and I found that in Him. He is the only one worth living for! He's changed my life.  

What is one thing you have learned this year?
The number one thing I've learned this year is to stay focused on God. Don't allow Satan to distract you. What are some things in your life that aren't bringing God glory? What are some things that are maybe holding you back from God? Towards the end of this school year, I began to focus more on boys and other things rather than on witnessing. It just wasn't a priority anymore, and for a while I even stopped reading my Bible. To prevent that from happening, I would say to just be alert and focus on the Word each day. If you aren't doing so well, don't get discouraged. Just keep trying, and each day look for every opportunity to show Christ's love.

What is your favorite thing about God?
My favorite thing about God is that He's so loving. Even when we completely ignore Him and disappoint Him, He is always ready for us to return to Him. I mean, think about it: Jesus loved us enough to die! Through His death, we live. We don't deserve an ounce of God's grace, but because He is so good and forgiving, we have been made righteous through the blood of Christ. I think that's amazing! 

What is your favorite way to serve God?
I don't really think I have a favorite way. I do like encouraging people when they are going through a hard time, and I also like doing service projects. Really, it's just whatever God places before me. Lately I've really been wanting to go on a mission trip, but I am continuing to pray about it. I believe that even in your home or your community, you can still do great things for God. Don't wait until you are older to live a legacy; Start right here, right now. It kinda makes me think of that Tobymac song, City On Our Knees...haha.

Tell us about your blog, Inside Out.
I started my blog, Inside Out, a while back last year. I haven't been into the blogging world as much I used to be, but I recently started posting again. I love doing tags and posting pictures of my favorite movies and stuff like that, but lately I've decided to write more meaningful posts. I want my blog to speak to readers, and I want to encourage them to live for the Lord as best I can.

What is the main goal of your blog?
"Learning to love God from the inside out." The name and purpose of my blog was inspired by Kristian Stanfill's song, From The Inside Out. We sang it at camp last year, and it really spoke to me. My blog is basically a journal of my struggles and strengths, as I learn to love God from the inside out. Hopefully, it might be able to encourage other people.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
That's a hard one. I have a lot of favorites, but one of them is Psalm 37:4. It says,"Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." A close friend of our family gave this verse to me, and it meant a lot. I think it's saying that as you seek after God, He will not necessarily do everything you want, but instead He will change your desires to fit His desires. We just have to trust Him, because he does know what He's doing.

Who is your #1 inspiration?
My number one inspiration is BJ Higgins. He was an incredible 15-year old who served God as a missionary in Peru, until he caught an illness and died in 2005. MercyMe wrote a song inspired by him, called I Would Die For You. His parents, Brent and Dianna Higgins, also wrote a book about his life with the same name as the song. I highly recommend reading it. It has been the most inspiring book I've ever read and really challenged me to live out my faith. BJ's journal entires are amazing. Even when he was back home from Peru, he was on fire for God.

What is your view on purity and courtship?
I definitely believe in purity, and I think it's extremely important that we girls remain pure not just physically, but also in our thoughts. If you want to court, I think that's great, but I also have nothing against dating. However, I do not think we even should be thinking about guys until we are at least sixteen. These next few years are precious, so spend them growing closer to God and your friends, not thinking about boys all the time. If God wants you to marry, he will put the right guy in your life at the right time.

What is your view on modesty?
Like purity, I think modesty is just as equally important. I want to dress in such a way that it satisfies both my parents and God. If I'm wearing a v-neck, I try to make sure it's not too low. When I wear shorts, I make sure they are fingertip length. When it comes to swimsuits, I prefer not to wear a bikini. You can still find many two-piece swim suits that are not bikinis, and they still look cute. Drawing attention to your body is just completely unnecessary. Some girls might not care about modesty, but consider this: Why are you dressing the way you are? If it's to attract attention from guys so they will "like" you, it will not last. Do you really want a guy who will like you just for your body, anyway? To help discern what it modest and what isn't, I would recommend talking it over with your parents. If you go to a summer Christian camp, try following their dress code. I find that it helps.

What do you think about having guys as friends?
Personally, I'm okay with it. One of my best friends happens to be guy, and he's practically like a brother. I think it's fine as long as you have other girl friends. A lot of girls miss out on some great friendships with guys because they are afraid of what it might become later. If that time does come, just pray about it. But for now enjoy guys as friends. It's not like you'll be marrying anytime soon anyway, so don't worry about if someone likes you or not. Treat guys as brothers.

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Talia! Hope you like my answers! :)

Thank you so much, Michal!

Stay tuned for more Girlz Like You interviews coming soon!


Please Vote!

Please go HERE and vote for Sarah's (one of my best friends!) essay. Her amazing essay doesn't take long to read, and it takes less than 2 seconds to click "VOTE"! Please, please vote! Thank you!
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Summertime Rambles {3}

{1} {2}
How do y'all like my new design? I love it! It's totally me! I used to have a design by Marieanne that looked a LOT like this, but then my blog went haywire, and I had to change it! The header, signature, and button are actually the same ones, made by the talented Marieanne! I just love the design.

No one got all of the movie quotes right, but that's okay! Thanks to Michal, Arianna, Meena, Kiera, and Nicole for trying! Here are the answers...

1) "Me? A princess? Shut up!" Princess Diaries
2) "Anybody want a peanut?" The Princess Bride
3) "I have just met you, and I love you." UP
4) "Why is your dog wearing glasses?" "His insurance won't pay for contacts!" Meet the Robinsons
5) "Power...riches...revenge." (lovvve that movie) Cinderella III
6) "My eyes! He's too awesome!" Kung Fu Panda
7) "Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter!" It's a Wonderful Life
8) "Leave now and never come back!" Lord of the Rings
9) "'re a guy." College Road Trip
10) "It's a gift...and a curse." (technically not a movie) Monk

It's hard to believe that July is almost over and that the last month of summer is approaching at a lightning-fast pace. I just found out Friday that next month I will be taking a trip with some relatives to Hawaii. Needless to say, I'm very excited! Going to Hawaii and surfing are on my bucket list, so I'm extremely pumped!

Okay, this is somewhat random (these ARE rambles, however), but when you were a kid, did you like certain movies? My sister and I each liked movies when we were young, and watching the movies I liked when I was a kid (I still like most of them...hehe :)) brings back good memories and makes me get a bit nostalgic. I thought I'd tell you a few...

The Tigger Movie, Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella, Joseph (the cartoon), Spirit (the cartoon horse movie), Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, and I'm sure others that I can't think of right now.

What about you? Are there things from your childhood that make you nostalgic or that bring back good memories?

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Worldview Academy

I just got back from Worldview, and let me be the first to tell you...


Seriously. The staff was great, my small group was great, the lectures were great, the games were great, the staff skits were great.

I don't know how I'll be able to tell you about everything, because SO MUCH happened! But, I shall try to summarize one of the best weeks of my life :-)!

Monday we arrived at the campus and the staff "attacked" our van (which means they waved and screamed and took all our gear to our dorms). We unpacked our stuff, made our beds, and checked out the dorms (I got to room with two of my friends and a really nice girl in our small group) then went to orientation, which was really fun! We then got to meet our small group and small group leader and played a couple of games with them. At first everyone was a little shy in our small group, but by the end of the week we were laughing and linking arms and telling each other "I love you." I love each of those girls so much. I loved spending time with my small group. That was one of my favorite parts of the whole week. Plus, I loved our leader, Julie. She was great! She really loves the LORD and desires to serve Him, and you can clearly see it in her life!

Every day of the week we had lectures by three different speakers. They were all fabulous! One time, one of the speakers came in and pretended to be a Muslim. He answered all of our questions and knew SO much about Islam and the Quran, and he had a fake accent that was totally convincing! I totally thought he was a for-real Muslim! I was, like, praying for him to be converted! HAHAHA! Then he turned around and revealed his of the speakers withOUT an accent, ha! :) That was one of my favorite lectures. I also really enjoyed another lecture by that speaker about the validity of the Bible. It gave evidence that the Bible was real, and I will have to share some of that with you guys soon!

Tuesday was the talent night. Each small group had to participate. Julie had the idea of us dressing up and doing 80's aerobics. HA! I was not so psyched about that idea, but I went along with it, and I had a great time! So much fun! I also loved seeing the other acts. Some of the dorky ones made me feel better that we did silly aerobics. Haha!

Wednesday was the Evangelism Practicum, where we went out into the city and evangelized. I loved it! We were split into small groups of two girls and a guy or two guys and two girls, then we went out and evangelized and shared God's love for 45 minutes. I wish it could have been longer. I went out with Rachel and Carl, and we talked to a buddhist man who was VERY set in his beliefs. He didn't, like, become a Christian or anything, but it was a good conversation, and we were able to defend our faith! We also met a Christian lady, but could only talk for a few minutes because her bus arrived.

That night after the last lecture of the night, some of the girls' leaders did a surprise just for our small group. I felt so special! They put up pink streamers, brought candy, and did our hair and nails. It was so much fun!

The staff skits the whole week were hilarious. My favorite was "Worldview's Got Talent." They announced that the singing group "The Direction" would be performing for a chance to advance in the competition. The guy staff members came out and acted dorky and lip-synced to "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction. It was absolutely HILARIOUS.

Thursday was the last day, and it was one of my favorites. We were each put on a color team (I was on the epic blue team) and given t-shirts. We were all screaming and cheering for our teams, and it was so much fun. We did a relay and a cheer competition. Red team won the cheer competition and blue team (the team I was on) won the relay. We got second in all for the whole week (there was trivia and stuff to get points for your team). Green team won the "Spamley Cup." The staff put on a hilarious skit to announce the winner...a skit that involved an evil villain covered in a black sheet who revealed with his dying breath that he was Justin Bieber. I thought he said "Just a beaver," so I didn't get why everyone was cracking up, haha! Later I asked my friend, "Was 'just a beaver' from a movie or something? Is it from Narnia?" She was like, "TALIA! It's 'Justin Bieber'!" That made much more sense...sort of??? Haha!

Thursday night, our small group leader told us to bring our pillows and Bibles and to come to a small meeting room in the girls' dorm. She provided the food (brownies & m&m's and pretzels and peanut butter), then announced that we were going to be reading through Esther. We all thought she was totally serious, so we opened our Bibles and had barely read the first word when she jumped up, screamed "Pillow fight!", and chucked a pillow at one of the girls. We were all shocked, so we just stared at her. It was so awkward and SOOO funny! She was like, "I've never gotten that reaction before! We can read Esther if you want." But we all decided it would be a blast to have a pillow fight! And it WAS! It was so much fun.

Friday morning we packed up, had a closing lecture that the parents attended, watched the camp video (which I might put on here once it's up online), packed up, said our tearful goodbyes, and headed home (I slept for part of it).

I had an amazing week, and I totally want to go back.

I'd totally recommend Worldview Academy!
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Quick Note

I keep trying to write a post, but then I get busy or have to do something. I apologize!

Tomorrow I will be going to a six-day Christian leadership camp. Please be in prayer for everyone going, and for all the leaders! Please also pray that I would get over my cold/allergies :P.

Please also continue praying for the victims of the Colorado shooting, Kara's family, Kara's great grandmother, and her grandmother who is staying at the hospital helping the great grandmother (see post previous to this one).

Thanks so much, y'all. Have a great week, and may God bless you!

Zechariah 3:17
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Urgent Prayer Requests (Please Read)

I just got an email from Kathryn saying there was a Colorado shooting last night at the new Batman premiere, and twelve people died. Here is what an article from THIS source says:

Twelve people were killed and 59 were injured in Aurora, Colo., during a sold-out midnight premier of the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" when 24-year-old James Holmes allegedly unloaded four weapons' full of ammunition into the unsuspecting crowd. The number of casualties makes the incident the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. Holmes, an honors student and Ph.D candidate at a nearby college with a clean arrest record, allegedly entered the movie auditorium wearing a ballistics helmet, bullet-proof vest, bullet-proof leggings, gas mask and gloves. He detonated multiple smoke bombs, and then began firing at viewers in the sold-out auditorium, police said today. Bullets from the spree tore through the theater and into adjoining theaters, where at least one other person was struck and injured. Ten members of "The Dark Knight Rises" audience were killed in theater, while two others died later at area hospitals. Numerous patrons were in critical condition at six local hospitals, the Aurora police said this afternoon. (read the rest)

Please be in prayer for those injured, those that were there, and all the families and friends! Please also pray for the soul of this young man, who has (for some crazy reason) just gone and shot all these people. Please pray that he would know that there IS hope and that God loves him.

I also received an email requesting prayer from my friend Kara. Her great grandmother is in the hospital, and she will have open heart surgery done on her on Monday. She is currently very weak and could possibly die during the operation. Also, Kara's grandma is at the hospital with the great grandmother, and she needs prayer as well. Please be in prayer for Kara's family and for her grandmother and great-grandmother!!!
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You're Beautiful

I've been thinking a lot about beauty lately. It seems like everyone has a definition for what beauty is, and with so many different definitions flying, it's hard to find the real meaning. You know what I'm saying?
Google defines it as "A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense." Magazines, movies, billboards, and TV shows define it as skinny and flawless with a perfect figure, perfect hair, and perfect everything. Many people (teen girls especially) fall into the trap of believing that the media's definition of beauty is the credible one. We envy celebrities and people whose lives are seemingly perfect. We know they have flaws, but we still wish we could be them (whether we let on to it or not). We watch the movies where the gorgeous girls get the handsome guys and we see the magazines on racks of girls with straight hair and no zits and perfect teeth. We cross our arms over ourselves and spend enormous amounts of time on how we look, hoping that we will hold a candle to these drop-dead gorgeous girls. Over time, wishing we were like these girls (or at least looked like them) transforms us into someone we're not. We start dressing like the popular people, acting like them, talking like them, listening to the music they like and neglecting our true selves. I hope you've figured out by now that the media's definition of real beauty is just flat-out WRONG. But how does God define beauty?

1 Peter 3:3-4 (NLT) says:  Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes.  You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

Wearing low-cut, tight clothes and caking on makeup may get you attention - just not the right kind of attention. When you see the girls on movies and magazine covers wearing immodest clothes and posing in a suggestive way, what kind of clue does that give you to their inner selves? It sure doesn't make you think that she is a truly beautiful person on the inside - where it really counts.

Proverbs 31:30 says:  Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised.

CT Studd said, "Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last." Fame and fortune won't last. Stares you get from dressing immodestly won't last. Being the prettiest won't last. All of those things are temporary. But let me tell you, true inner beauty will last - the kind of beauty that loves others, cares about people, is kind to those no one is kind to, and is helpful...the kind of beauty that loves God and loves to worship Him and read His Word.

So don't be someone you're not. Don't wish you were someone you're not. Don't conform and do what everyone else is doing and wearing when it's not you. Don't be concerned with being the skinniest and prettiest. God created you beautiful - don't deny the beautiful person He created you to be! Eat a cheeseburger, laugh 'til your sides hurt, love God, love others, sing even if you're off-key, acknowledge that everyone has flaws, and cherish who God created you to be!

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It's unreal to me that soon I will have a new baby brother. Soon I will know his name. Soon I will see his face. Soon my family will travel to Uganda to get our little prince.

Adoption is beautiful, guys. It really is. It paints such a beautiful picture of the love God has for all of His children and how He can adopt us into His family if we repent and put our trust in Jesus.

I love adoption so much. I used to tell my mom that when I grew up I wanted to run an orphanage with sixty kids :-).

I don't think the full realization that we will soon be a family of seven has hit me yet. But nonetheless, I am so excited for what God has in store for my family.

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Hey, y'all! Sorry I was gone so long...I was grounded :P. Fun, yes??? But I am back! And I will be posting more now...I don't know how lengthy the posts will be, because I can only be on the internet an hour a day, but I will try to type fast! Haha! Also, three new followers? 163 followers as of now? You guys rock the socks off my cat's pajamas. THANK YOU!
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Quick "For The Win" Note

I have used the abbreviation "FTW," on this blog - as in, "for the win," but it was recently pointed out to me that it also stands for "f-word the world." I did NOT mean it in that context at all...I didn't even know it meant that! So from now on I will just say "for the win" instead of "FTW"! Sorry about that, folks!

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Quick Update

I apologize for lack of posts lately. We have been pretty busy with Alice in Wonderland. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, the first three shows (especially the first) went wonderfully! The crowds were big and they laughed at the right times, so that was good ;). Hopefully I will be able to post a few pics later on. I get to wear a PILLOW to make me look fat! My friend Grace and I named him Estabon Sebastian TummyFat. We have a lot of fun at the plays, if you haven't noticed ;).

VBS, which I'm helping at, starts today and goes all week. Next weekend we perform the play three more times.

I also apologize that my blog looks so...funky ;) at the moment. I'm trying to design a design that I really like, and I was experimenting with image maps and whatnot, but I didn't have time to finish it.

Something funny randomly came about...I've been emailing the lovely Hannahl lately, and we discovered that in separate Narnia plays we were in, we were both wood nymphs and our sisters foxes. Weird, right?

On a final note, today is my brother and Dad's birthday! I love you both very much! :-)

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From Blog Life to Real Life

 Happy Independence Day, everyone! We are so stinkin' blessed to live in America (those of us that do), are we not?!?!?! To all those who are fighting and dying defending our country and our freedom - THANK YOU! We are VERY grateful!

I was on Elisha's blog and thought this looked like a lot of fun!

1. Do you have any real-life blog friends?
As in, friends I've met/know in real life who blog? Yes, I do! Klara, Miss Raquel (well, we don't hang out or anything, but I met her once), Kiera, Sarah, Christa, Mary, Jessica, and Irene.

2. Which blogger(s) are you just dying to meet?
So many! Michal, Mikaylah, Mackenzie, Kara, Natalia, and Emma Claire.

3. Which blogger's closet do you want to raid?
Hmm...I don't know. I really like Olivia's outfits and modest take on clothes.

4. You are stuck on an island. Which blogger would you want with you to help you survive?
Um...I don't know. Probably Kara, Sarah, Klara, and Kiera :-).

5. The first blogger you remember meeting and "connecting" with?
Uh...I dunno. Maybe Mary?

6. Any blogger(s) that you admire and look up to?
Lucia, Miss Raquel, Hannah Nicole, Kels, AnnaEmma Claire, Christa, Anna, Jess, Emii, Klara, Sarah, Alisha, and Bleah. Whoah, that's a lot (and I'm sure there's more).

7. Who is the craziest/funniest blogger?
Elisha, Daniel, and Dezzy.

8. There's a reality TV show for bloggers, who would you want to be cast with you?
Anna, Jocee, Kelsey, and Bleah.

9. Some bloggers have really cool jobs, anybody you'd like to switch jobs with?
Well, Hannah's a photographer, so...

10. Favorite blog design?
There's a BUNCH of cute ones out there! I like Nela's, Abby's, Maya's, and Lucia's.

If you do this, leave the link! I'd love to see it!
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Summertime Rambles {2}


GOOD NEWS! So I was totally out of picture space, and I was like WHAT?!?! NO MORE PICTURE SPACE?!?!?! But right now I'm going through my Picasa web albums and deleting pics...I can see why there's no space, since there's, like, more than a thousand pictures (yikes!). I won't be posting as many pictures here on the blog, but at least I can POST SOME now! It was so full, I couldn't even load on a new header!

Phooey, one of the albums is taking forever-long to load, because it has about 900 pictures in it (from this blog alone)...c'mon, work...

Anyhoo, last night we ran through the entire play at play practice, and lemme tell you - IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I am in a caps lock mood for some reason. Random! Back to the play...Ooh, my friend just texted me a picture of a key. What?!?!?! OK, no more distractions...back to the play. We got ot wear our costumes!!! Yay! Being Tweedle Dee, I had quite the interesting outfit...white tights, rainbow socks (my favorite part of my apparel), black flats, jean overalls, an orange long sleeve, a pillow stuffed down to make me look fat (oh, yeah ☺), and a rainbow propeller hat to top it off! I KNOW YOU'RE JEALOUS!!! Ha! I wish I had taken pictures, but I didn't get around to it :P. Phooey.

Everyone else looked pretty spectacular, too! My sister got the coolest out fit in my opinion - a pretty red dress! LOL :-). Some of the outfits were pretty funky. But hey, the whole PLAY is pretty funky! (it makes absolutely no sense)

For lunch, I had potato salad! It was good! What did you have for lunch???

So, I'm still trying to convince my dad to let me have a Pinterest, but he's still checking it y'all have any tips for using Pinterest if I AM eventually aloud to have one? Any safety tips, etc., etc.,?

do any of you watch America's Got Talent? My family does (we also watch American Ninja Warrior!!! LOL) I don't think there's anyone spectacular this year...although those two dancing brothers and the dancing painter guys were pretty scrumdiddlyumptious (as in, really good).

Hey, it's almost the fourth of July! AKA Independence Day (that's a lot of e's in Independence). Tomorrow, actually! We will be hanging with relatives, so that should be super-de-duper fun!

I love movie quotes (and quoting them, too!). See if you can guess what movies these quotes are for (if you get them all correct, you will win...uh...hmm....a shout-out in the next post! Oh, yeah!) No fair looking them up online. Let's play niceeee! Okay???

1) "Me? A princess? Shut up!"
2) "Anybody want a peanut?"
3) "I have just met you, and I love you."
4) "Why is your dog wearing glasses?" "His insurance won't pay for contacts!"
5) "Power...riches...revenge." (<<lovvve that movie)
6) "My eyes! He's too awesome!"
7) "Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter!"
8) "Leave now and never come back!"
9) "'re a guy."
10) "It's a gift...and a curse." (technically not a movie)

Well, that's all for my rambles at the moment. What are you up to?

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Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Lilla Rose Flexi-clip Pro-Life Giveaway is...

Kara from Saved by Grace!

Congratulations, Kara! Please email me within one week, and I will get you connected with your sponsor!

p.s. Guest posted HERE.

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