Summertime Rambles {1}

I don't "ramble" much here on the blog because I didn't think rambles were something you guys would want to hear, but after reading THIS post, I'm starting to reconsider doing rambly posts once in a while...after all, when I ramble, it's a little easier, I guess you could say, to be myself 'cause I'm just typing what comes into my head. Haha :-).

Yesterday, I took some pictures and edited some older ones. My dad got a bowl of tuna for our cat, Mia, and would move it above the camera so she would move her head up. While I didn't get any of her looking straight into the camera, I like how these two turned out :-). She makes funny faces, as you can tell from the second picture.

^Summer bokeh.

Can I be completely honest with you? I don't know how to pronounce "bokeh"! Haha! Some words I don't know how to pronounce 'cause I've just seen them in books and on blogs and such. Okay, Google, help me out on this one...

::doo doo doo, Google search...::
::doo doo doo, forget the Google search...Wikipedia, here I come...don't fail me now::

AHA! I think I was pronouncing it right all along! I was pronouncing "bo-KAY" like a flower bouquet...WAIT! Watching a video just to doubs-check...Ugh, the video was "bo-kuh." WHICH IS IT?!?!?! Some help, please???

I can hear my sister singing a fun song in her room. I can't tell what the words are but it's swingy and fun! Now, she's singing...nothing because it's an intro...oh, it's some old disco song. Hehe :-).

So, yesterday the theatre group I'm in o-fish-a-ly moved into the theatre to practice "Alice in Wonderland"! It is going great! It was exciting to see the sets (big hanging trees and some mushrooms!). I got excited being back at the theatre, because the last actual play I was in took place in October. I was in a music show at the theatre in April, but music shows aren't the same as plays :-). Needless to say, I was very excited to be back and get onstage. It went great! Our scene (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum) got some laughs (as hoped). Everyone else did great, too.

Today it's pretty warm, so I put on shorts and sat outside and tried to get tan. FAILLL! I just burned my knees. Lovely.

Guess what? I finally figured out how to do a vibrato. Or verbrato. Or however you spell it. In case you don't know what that is (if you're a singer, you most likely know what it is already), it's when people sing and their voice goes, like, uhuhuhuhuhuh. Okay, not sure that made much (or any) sense. It's, like, instead of the word they're singing sounding like this: "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU," it sounds like this: "YOUUUUUUUUUOUOUOUOUOUOUOUOU." Did I accomplish anything by trying to explain it? ANYHOO, I finally taught myself to do one. I used to be unable to do it. Ooh, now she's singing "September" (Haley, that is)! I like this song. It gets in my head. If you've seen Night at the Museum, it's in the scene at the end where they're all, like, partying in the museum. Okay, back to vi/ver/whateverbrato...I started to teach myself how to do it by shaking my head up and down. This looked really funny while I was singing, though...I mean, wouldn't you think it was slightly weird if you saw someone singing and they were shaking their head up and down?, I finally figured out how to do one, which I am so happy about! ♪ba de ya, say do you remember, ba de ya, dancing in September...♪ (September by Earth, Wind, and Fire)
My dad emailed me these pictures today and they are just sooo funny!!! (he got them from FB)
^Oh my pink ostriches, so funny.
^Have to try this.

My cousin texted me these pictures of cupcakes (not sure where she got them). AREN'T THEY CUTE?!?!?!?! I SOOOO wanna use the Cookie Monster ones for my next birthday...maybe I will have a Sesame Street party! Yes, I am serious. Haha! ;-) When kids are little, they, like, really LIKE the little kid shows. Then when you get a little older, you're like, "That's really stupid," then a couple years later when you're a teen, you're like, "THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!" Haha. Anyone else experienced this phenomenon before? I really like the Sesame Street characters, and Hello Kitty is pretty cute, too.

^Burger cupcakes! SOOO cute! I'm guessing the actual patty is a brownie.

^OMPO, such a cute idea!!!

^Toy Story FTW!!! That would be a really fun party theme, too.

I hope you have enjoyed (or been amused by) these rambles...stay tuned for a few more throughout the summer...

What've you been up to? What has your favorite party theme been? If you could pick one theme for a birthday party, what would you choose? Do you have a vibrato or verbrato? What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime?
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Rachel  – (June 27, 2012 at 4:02 PM)  

I like hanging out at the beach, suntanning, the free time...
yesterday we went to see Harp players, it was well done.

enjoyed your post.
and I thought it was pronounced Bok-uh

--Rachel S

Anonymous –   – (June 27, 2012 at 4:41 PM)  

I'm gonna have to try the Starbucks thing!

Kianna Rose  – (June 27, 2012 at 5:43 PM)  

Very lovely photos, Talia!!! I agree with Rachel on the pronunciation of "bokeh" :)

The cookie monster cupcake is adorable!

Shelley  – (June 27, 2012 at 7:38 PM)  

Nice photos and cute cupcake pictures! :) Yeah, I don't know how to say the word bokeh either. When I say it in my head, for some reason I pronounce the 'h' as an 'n.' Anyways nice ramble post! :)

Brooke  – (June 27, 2012 at 8:34 PM)  

Hehe I love this! Oh, and bokeh is pronounced BOTH ways!:) I pronounce it bo-kuh, but I looked it up somewhere one time, and it's both. You must do more rambly posts!:)

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