Melted Crayon Art: Tutorial

At art class at our homeschool co-op, our art teacher showed us some melted crayon art she had made, and I thought it was really cool! So, yesterday I decided to try it out for myself.

I didn't have a canvas, so for my first attempt I just used cardstock. While the melted crayon didn't go completely through the cardstock, it still wasn't as sturdy as an actual canvas, and it was pretty flimsy (especially when I did it the second time and used a bunch more crayons).
^The back. As you can see, cardstock is not the sturdiest.
Now, here's how YOU can make one!
First, you will need...

You can use any colors as you like, but I'd highly suggest using shades that are close to one another...for example: you probably want to use a bunch of shades of orange before switching to another color. I didn't know this, so I just did random crayons (like blue, orange, green, etc.), and they turned out just looking blechy brown and mixing together. If I had done them in shades, it would've looked more colorful. So, I'd suggest doing the shade thing, unless you want a bunch of brown...

As for how many crayons you need, I can't say. It all depends on what you want. For my first attempt, I only used three, but on my second attempt, I lined the whole top of the paper, which took 25 crayons.
Next, you will need...

Paper! Or a canvas! Or whatever you want to melt crayons on (I'd suggest NOT using your mom's dinner plates!). For my second attempt, I wanted it to be a bit sturdier, so I taped cardstock to a thin piece of cardboard. Still flimsy, but better than just cardstock alone. A canvas would probably be best, but since I didn't have one, I made the most with what I had. :-)

Next, you will need...
A blowdryer! (Unless you want to sit outside in the blazing sun with your crayons for like a million hours...Haha, just kidding). Don't forget that after you've been blowdrying for a while, set the blowdryer aside for a minute. It can get overheated and not go up to the high setting.

You will also need...

A hot glue gun! This is for gluing the crayons to the canvas. You should probably let it heat up for a little bit, and always ask a parent before using a hot glue gun! Be careful when you use it, too. For my first attempt, I used packing tape, which was not nearly as sturdy and looked really funky!
Then, you will need to lay out newspaper or paper towels or whatever over your work surface so that in case the melted crayon drips off your project (which it most likely will), it won't get on something! I did my project outside on our picnic bench, and I think it's always smart to ask Mom or Dad where to do it (they might not want you doing it at their nice kitchen table...even if you put newspaper down!). You also might want to wear clothes that aren't too nice. I didn't splatter any wax on my clothes, but just in case...better safe than sorry :-).

Now that your workspace is all set up, here's how you make your beautiful and totally unique masterpiece! Here's what you do...

1) Hot glue the crayons to your canvas. You can put them wherever you want in whatever order you like (just remember - they kind of have a mind of their own once they melt, and they mix fairly easily!). To hot glue them on, just make a small line of hot glue and then quickly put the crayon where you want it on the canvas and press down firmly. It should dry pretty quickly. Remember that if you want your crayons facing a certain way, or if you want the crayon company to be displayed, hot glue the OTHER side.

2) (Now the fun part) Melt! Point the blowdryer near the tip of the crayon (aka the part you want to melt and run down the canvas) and wait for a few minutes. You'll see the crayon(s) start to get liquid-y, and then pretty soon they'll be running down the canvas! Make sure you have a good grip on the canvas and can tilt it in the direction you want the wax to run down. Make sure your canvas is not completely vertical, or else the wax will run all the way off the canvas!

It's tempting to want to melt all your crayons at once, but it's probably best to do them only a couple at a time. This way you can keep an eye on the melting wax can get done faster. This project takes a while, but when it's done, it's a one-of-a-kind project unlike any other!

Once your wax looks like how you want it to, leave it to try for a few minutes and clean up your workspace (always a good idea :-)).

Voila! You have just completed your crayon melting art. I hope you are satisfied with your results!

If you do this project and post it on your blog, leave the link! I'd love to see it!

Here's a tutorial on another blog (their canvas worked much better because they did "shades" of color...hehe!).

Look at thoese colors! Gorgeous! (these pictures belong to their blog)

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Godsgirlz1  – (May 21, 2012 at 9:43 AM)  

I'm going to have to try this. :D

♥Lexi♥ –   – (May 21, 2012 at 1:21 PM)  

Wow! That's really cool!! I will definitely try that!:)

Photographer Ruby J. Plank  – (May 22, 2012 at 7:21 AM)  

here is am award!

Aidyl Ewoh  – (May 23, 2012 at 9:14 AM)  

Wow, I just saw this on another blog too. So neat!

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