Winter Retreat 2011-12

First of all, let me say happy new year :-)!!! It's gonna be so weird writing 2012 on everything...anyway, I hope that God blesses you this year.

Now, an overview of winter retreat this (last, really) year. There was so much that went on that I don't know if I can remember it all! But I shall try my best to relay parts that were important/fun/etc. to me.

We met at the church on Thursday and drove up to the camp (since my friend and I were in a van separate to the bus, the van got icecream and Dutch Bro's ☺). When we got to camp, we got all situated in our cabins (I was in a cabin with a really great leader, Nikki, who has been my leader or assistant leader at camps for the past few years. Friends were in my cabin, too). Everybody met in the mess hall, and we had dinner, worship, and a session with speaker and author Ben Courson, son to Jon Courson. And let me tell you, Ben was great! That night I took, like, three pages of notes (but that's beside the point). The worship the whole week was amazing, too.

That night, I went to bed around 1:30 or so, and got up at about 6 to shower and get ready before 7:30 so I could go to morning worship, led by my sissy. After worship, we had breakfast, worship, then a session, then we had lots of free time to mingle, get to know people, and play games, which was fun. There was also a gym and game room where we could play volleyball or basketball or whatever :-).

That day, a bunch of kids played a muddy game in the rain, called Bombs, Babies, and something else... :) haha. I just watched - it was freeeeezing, and some people were wearing only tank tops and shorts, and some of the boys were only wearing shorts! Now there's a way to get pneumonia...

Last night, the worship was one of the best of all. In other times and at other camps, I have been shy of raising my hands and closing my eyes during worship. I'm always like, They're watching me... What are they thinking? But this year I didn't really care, and just worshipped God freely.

Last night, the worship and session were amazing. We also did communion. Our youth pastor invited whoever wanted to share what they had learned that weak to come up on stage, and a lot of kids and a couple adults was really cool! It is so amazing when you know that God is in the room. He always is, but it's amazing to FEEL His presence.

One night the speaker had us give a round of applause for God...and let me tell you, that was aMAZing. We usually cheer for our favorite sports teams and such, as Ben pointed out, but we don't usually cheer with reckless abandon for God. Well, it was an amazing moment of cheering and clapping. God is so incredible, He deserves all-day everyday applause :-), and soooo much more.

I had an incredibly amazing time, made some new friends, had fun with old ones, shared my heart, prayed with others, shined a little ray of God's light into a girl's life, just by a little thing I did for her. I'm going to be praying this year that I will maintain this "camp high," and that it wouldn't just be a "camp high." And then I'm going to work on it...remembering what I did and learned, acting on it, not just, like, praying that God would change me. Because He will change me if I am able and willing to change how I think and act. If I pray that God will change me but continue sinning, than was I earnest with the prayer I prayed?

What is God teaching you this week?

Again, happy new year :-)!

Kristiana  – (January 1, 2012 at 3:22 PM)  

Talia, that sounds awesome!!!! It sounds like the Lord really gave y'all a powerful time! I as well love worship!

Anonymous –   – (January 2, 2012 at 8:30 AM)  

I'm glad that you had a good time. I wasn't able to go to my Winter Youth Convention this year but I am hoping and praying that I will be able to go next year. Happy New Year!

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