Awards (YOU are awarded!)

Thank you to God's Girl for awarding me! That was very sweet!

Now, first offly :), I'm not always for the whole "award" thing because I think it can make people feel left out, yadayadayada. BUT, I thought this would be fun, and since God created all girls lovely and beautiful, I award all three to YOU! Yes, you! Whoever you are! Because God made you so special and unique <3. You don't have to do this, but I think it would be cool if when you post these on your blog you award them to all girls too! Because God made us all unique in our own special ways :-)!

Now, here are the "rules"...(although I don't always follow the "awards" rule, so let's call them suggestions. That doesn't mean to defy your parents' rules!)

~List 7 random things about yourself
~Award 15 bloggers (we already covered that I'm awarding you all!)
~Post these rules (haha, that's ironic)

Here are the seven random things about myself:
1. I. Love. Pascal. Teehee :-). He is just so cute! I love him!
(look, they move! I don't remember where I got these...maybe Pinterest?)
Hehe...these make me laugh inside...

2. I just bought two clip-in feathers from Walmart for a grand total of under $5.
3. I am strongly against abortion.


4. I think the picture below is extremely funny!



5. My favorite vegetables are cucumber and corn.
6. I know a lot of bloggers are big on "vintage," but I'm actually not. I mean, I think it's pretty, but it's not really my thing.
7. I love "Come to Me" and "Show Jesus" by Jamie Grace.

Don't forget - you're awarded! If you do this^, comment below with the link!

Godsgirlz1  – (January 31, 2012 at 5:20 PM)  

Talia it was very nice being able to learn a little more about you. It is a good idea to tag everyone, so no one feels left out.

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