An Announcement, Contest Entry, and Happy B-day

Firstly, the "announcement"...
I am planning on having a giveaway unlike any other I've seen. I know that during Christmas time we usually think about what we want (at least I do), and I don't know about you, but although I usually wouldn't say it, opening presents is indeed one of my favorite things about Christmas. I think I'm too greedy. I am, really.

So this year, I wanted to do a giveaway that would be more shall I say it?... a give-it-away. And that's all I'll tell you for now.

But the dealio is, I need some sponsors. I have 3 prizes so far, but I'd like to get some more. If you'd like to donate, please contact me at girlzofgod(at)gmail(dot)com or fill out an entry form here.
Although they are appreciated, this giveaway will not feature any blog design elements of any kind.

On to the contest entry...

Nela at Beloved Star is having a contest/giveaway here, and the theme is foodography! Fun, right? You can enter up to two pics, and there are three prizes, so here are the ones I chose to enter...

I thought this was a fun pic :-). I was like, hey, goldfish, hey, I can make a goldfish out of goldfish! LOL! :-) I added affects with BeFunky. On to the next entry...

I took this pic a couple of days ago, and I think it turned out great. The strawberries came into focus well, and they look so red and delicious! All I did was edit the exposure a bit, like the highlights, with Picnik.

And those are my entries :-)!

Last but not least, yesterday my friends Aubrey and Jocee turned fifteen! Happy birthday, girls! They are truly both beautiful young ladies. I've known Jocee for less than a year and Aubrey...I don't remember :). At least 5 years. This summer Aubrey went to Africa with my sister, and I am very proud of her and I love her very much! I just got to know Jocee a little better this past month and we had the chance to Skype, so that was fun. Her blog, The Cupcake Dictionary, is one of my favorites :-).


Jocee  – (December 13, 2011 at 2:56 PM)  

thank you so much, dear! my birthday was lovely :))
-jocee <3

Nela  – (December 15, 2011 at 5:47 PM)  

Neat photos, Talia! :) The strawberries look very pretty with the white background. Awesome job!

Thanks for linking up!

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