Dear Friends,

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers are doing that "dear boys" thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I just decided - I'm gonna do a "dear friends," type thing today :-). I'm sorry that I didn't do all my friends! Please forgive me!

Dear Rubber Ducky Queen and Miss Costco Noelle,
I miss you. E-mail me soon, okay? And let's try to facetime soon.
Talia Popsicle

Dear Came-2-Grillout-Expecting-a-BBQ,
I miss you, too. I want to visit you again (or you visit me :-) hint hint). I love remembering our memories from the trip...sometimes I just randomly say to myself, "HOOOOTdogggg?!" and crack up. Oh, and HEY soul sister. Sigh, miss ya.

Dear Butterfly Buddy,
I hope you have an especially special day today, dearie! YOU are somethin' special :-).

Dear Arwen (and legolame - or "lameolas")...) Fan,
Your obsession of LOTR just makes you more you :-). Remember when we did a photoshoot? That was fun.
Samwise-Merry-Pippin-and-not-Frodo Fan

Dear Fainting Buddy,
Ha! Go, little Lorenzo, go! We have so much laughs together. I love you!
Your Fainting Buddy
Dear Sivy,
He lives! HA. Do you like beef? As a matter of fact, I do!
Love ya.
One of the (something) Dorkas-es :-)

Dear Jellio,
I hope you like your new nickname. Sorry I spilled Taco Bell on our journal. (By the way, I'll try to get that back to you soon...)
Dear Alliegator,
I love you and I hope we can hang out soon. We're getting pretty good at our handshake.

Dear Bry (sorry, couldn't think of a more "mysterious" or funny name),
I love you and I hope you're doing good. I'm praying for ya!
Your sister in Christ,

Dear GBG Author,
I miss you as well. I'll try to email you soon, dear, and hopefully we can skype soon.
Giggledance7 :-)

Dear Chuck,
You crack me up. You are so funny! Life is awkward, sweetheart.
With laughs,

Dear My Cousin's "Twin,"
Your hair looked really pretty at church on Sunday. Remember when I had you over and we played "Apples to Apples"? That was fun :-). Have a great Thanksgiving!
Jonathan the 1st

Dear Came-to-grillout-expecting-a-bbq's sister,
You play guitar really well. I miss you, too. I love you. Keep in touch, okay?

Dear Uke Player,
It was nice to meet you. I liked your popcorn article for the Peach. How are you? E-mail me.

Dear Em{ily},
I'm glad we can become better friends! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and how is your speech coming?

Dear Emily Dinosaur,
Hehe. You funny! I miss volleyball, don't you? I miss J's big smile when she got her serve over, and D calling me Taliasaurus, and Coach B.
Oh, and we got the bling bling and the really baggy pants.
Not really.

Dear Kara L,
Thanks for the letter. I'm sending you one!

Dear Haley,
You're still a friend, even though you're my sis. Sorry for freaking out when you tucked my pocket in. Love you lots.

Dear Sam-antha,
Camp was so rad, wasn't it? Go Flavor Blasted Goldfish! I love you and hope you have a great Thanksgiving. TTYS and e-mail me and call me and do you have facetime?
Ta-lia (or was it Tal-ia?)

Dear Syd,
Write me soon.

Dear Miss Sneezia,
You crack me up. In a good way, of course. And I watched "PIE" the other day. It was funny. "Grannies are for pernonin' noobs!"

Dear Gracie-Grace,
Thanks for the cross necklace! I like it and I will pass it on! I love you and I love playing volleyball with you :-). Dontcha miss it?
p.s. FROG!

To you all,
Thank you so much for encouraging me in the LORD and just for trusting in God. I know I am blessed to have such great friends. I love you all. Keep loving the LORD, okay?
In Christ,

To all bloggers,
Know that Jesus loves you. Know that you are not alone. You've got a friend in Jesus! And He's literally the perfect friend. He is always there for you, and He will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust in Him today!

(photo taken by Matt Zook) (photo effects by me via picnik)

Anonymous –   – (November 26, 2011 at 10:57 AM)  

Dear iTalia, ;D
You are an inspiring person with an awesome name. Things are decent. We just put up our *<<- (christmas tree!) today. Keep writing!!
<3, BHF

Anonymous –   – (March 3, 2013 at 4:34 PM)  

hey talia ! , like the new setup for your blog , at least since i've seen it ! love ya !

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