Raspberry Jelly?

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I am not a culinary wonder. Today was no exception.

I can make banana bread, sandwiches, mac n' cheese, spaghetti, cowboy cookies (chocolate chip cookies), and other recipes WITH instructions, but if I try to invent some recipe, it doesn't always end up the greatest.

Once my friend and I tried to make spaghetti and "secret sauce." The spaghetti was good. The secret sauce was not. The ingredients consisted of tomato soup (not sauce), green peppers, Chipotle BBQ seasoning (hey, it couldn't hurt, right? Apparently, yes...), cheese, and loads of garlic. I bet you people who are really good at cooking are shaking your heads. Haha. It wasn't good. And it gave me a stomachache afterward (probably from all the garlic). Today I tried to make "raspberry jelly," but I didn't know you needed to cook it. I mashed up raspberries with my hands (which was rather fun and really brought out the wonderful smell of the raspberries), added a little water, sugar, and lemon juice and mixed it, then drained it and spread it on bread with butter. Wasn't the greatest. It just tasted like, well, mashed up raspberries! Here's a picture of my finished work:

Today, I also started working on a long-put-off Disneyland scrapbook. I had the scrapbook, some paper, and stickers, but we hadn't printed off the pictures. We got 50 free prints from Shutterfly and ordered them finally! I'm still not done, but at least it's started :-).

I took Sika outside and bribed her with stickers and a sucker from Mom if she would "smile pretty" for some pictures. I got a couple cute pics (especially when Mom came outside and made her laugh!). In this picture Sika is wearing a beautiful dress from Africa.

We had to come inside pretty quickly, because it was pretty chilly outside!

Today was a nice, relaxed day.


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