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Last week I had the privilege of going on a 10-day drip with my grandma, grandpa, cousin, and sister Haley. We went to Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C, along with Virginia, and we drove through Maryland, Deleware, and New Jersey (that was by accident!). I thought I'd share some trip pics with you! As you can guess, I brought a camera with me (well, duh). Actually, two. Just in case. Mom's and mine. And I took 444 that I kept. Yeah. Although I'm not going to show you all 444, I will show you some :-).

One thing I will tell you to start off this post is that I am tired of airplanes. 12 in two months is tiring!

Indepence Hall.

I don't know about you, but this sure reminds me of National Treasure! (Me, Haley, and my cousin taped scenes from National Treasure!)

The Liberty Bell.

One of my brother's lego characters. I brought this lego, a bear stuffed animal from my friend Kara, and a fish stuffed animal from my little sister and took pictures of them in front of national monuments!

 Philly Cheesesteaks. We got them because my cousin had never had them before. They weren't fantastic, but, hey, it was about the experience, right? :-)

 A giant organ at the beautiful Christ Church.

Union Station.
The Library of Congress.

 The Capitol Building.
 The Holocaust Museum.

 The Washington Monument (Hehe, I crack myself up).

 World War II Memorial.
 Lincoln Memorial.
 The Reflection Pool was drained and filled with dirt, and construction workers were doing something. I don't know what!

 Ford's Theatre (where President Lincoln was assassinated).
 The seat where Lincoln was sitting.

The Smithsonian.
 The ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz (they weren't actually ruby red colored).
CHARLIE BROWN! I love the Peanuts.

Mask from the Lion King Broadway show.

Me and C3PO!!!! From Star Wars! The actual costume.
 Downstairs at Ford's Theatre, there was a museum.

Hope you enjoyed looking at all the pics! My favorite part of the trip was probably Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We went there to see the production Joseph and it was amazing. I TOTALLY recommend going. There were live animals (horses, camels, goats...even a rat!), great music, and great acting!

A Joseph preview from last year.

Oh! I almost forgot! Here are the pictures I took on our trip that I edited.

 I liked editing this picture! Thanks, Samantha, for posing!

Which is your favorite?

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa, for taking us!

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