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So I apologize for not doing the outtakes the past few days. As you can probably relate to and/or understand, things get busy. School, volleyball, play practice, hair appointment...but I thought I'd tell you a little about the past few days for this closing outtake.

This week we started official volleyball practices this week, which have been fun but tiring!

This week we started play practices for the next play my sister and I are in, The Incan Princess by Dan Almich. I am a 12-year-old 1961 Californian named Bree who is a rapidly-aging captive brought into the future. My sister, Haley, plays a 1961 England girl, Faith, who is also an aging captive.

Today was a pretty busy day. I had a hair appointment (my hair smells good! LOL! ☺), then play practice right after, then volleyball right after, then dinner (yummy shredded beef + pinto beans burritoes), then a meeting for AWANA, since I'm helping again this year, and my sister gets to help this year, too! So that should be a good experience.

Tomorrow is also a busy day. I have volleyball and my first piano lesson since before summer. Right now I'm listening to Ant Bully, since my little sis and bro are watching that.

In closing, what I've learned from these outtakes...
That I don't have to make the perfect blogger image. That it's okay to share the not-so-great parts of your day. That I don't have to pretend to be "perfect" and just post the good stuff and good pics because nobody's perfect except Jesus Himself.

Also, I haven't done these Weekly Wednesday Favorites yet, but I thought it'd be fun to try. So-ooo...


*Schoolwork (okay, is it just me, or is that kinda weird?)
*Books and reading (Hearts of Fire by Voice of the Martyrs and The Lucy Series by Nancy Rue)
*Japeth from Hoodwinked


(don't remember exactly where I got these. Probably Please know that I don't reinforce and/or support all content on pinterest)

OK so I was looking at Abbie's blog and found this quote! I think that is really funny because I don't have a Facebook but if I did I would probably "like" my own status...LOL!

I also like these quotes:

(I got the first 3 from Emii's blog and the last from Bookworm's blog)

If Barbie Was a Real Woman @ ..::On The Road to Beautiful::..
The Most Romantic Girl on the Block {Guest Post by Raquel} @ Practically Pink
Where Does Your Worth Come From? @ Mercy's Miracle

I hope you all have a wonderful month. Make it matter. Make it worth it. Cherish each moment God has blessed us with. Celebrate each new day, each new minute. And as I said above, really make it matter.


Shelley  – (September 10, 2011 at 7:05 AM)  

I love the way my hair smells and feels after I get it cut! :) Great post, love all the quotes and pictures!

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