A Few Photographs...

From my trip.

Explanations (I was going to do a mostly-wordless post but decided not to!):
1. This was taken in the gardens at the Creation Museum. There were a lot of dewdrops on the big leaves, and it was really pretty! So I snapped a (lot of) pic(s).
2. Thanks, Brenna, for stepping in a puddle so I could take this pic! :-)
3. A peacock! Crossed photographing a peacock off my bucket list :-). I was hoping it would spread its feathers out, but as my mom informed me, they only do that when they're disturbed :-). LOL so I wasn't going to disturb the peacock.
4. This is one of my favorite summer photos. It was also taken at the gardens at the Creation Museum. I entered this in a photo challenge on Kels's blog, so please go vote for me! theflipflopfarmgirl.blogspot.com.
5. Isn't it adorable how the three goat-kids are sticking their heads out? I thought it was adorable! And someone (don't remember who) brought this up...How did that one get on top?
6. Either a Zonkey, Zebroid, or Zorse. So cool, huh? It's a mix of a zebra + horse.
7. A lamppost in New Orleans. I like the view of it!

Which one is your favorite? What is your favorite thing to photograph?


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