Staying Up Late and Playing With Fire

I dislike staying up late.

Sure, it is fun for the moment, but what about the next day? Uh, hello...not fun. When I stay up late, the next day I am...

  • grouchy
  • tired
  • very grouchy
  • very tired
  • and did I mention grouchy and tired?

The other night I spent the night at my friend's house. Yes, it was fun watching Love's Long Journey and Love's Abiding Joy, but the next day, I was super tired. And I have to admit that at times in the past, me and my siblings have had to be grounded from sleepovers for a while due to over-grouchiness. So, while staying up late is fun at the moment, the consequences are not fun.

Where am I going with this?  Well, I thought I'd bring up sin and what on earth it has to do with staying up late (okay, I just made it sound like staying up late is a sin. Most times, it is not. Please excuse my *tired* rambling).

Well, sin is like staying up late in a way. For the moment, sin may seem fun. It might make you happy, make you energetic, make you hyper, and make you fill fulfilled. But the truth is, playing around with sin is like playing around with fire. You will get burned. There are consequences (worse than being tired and grouchy). So I would suggest staying away from sin...OK, not suggest. I'd highly recommend and encourage! Because not only does sin displease God, but it also has nasty consequences. So stay away from sin. Stay away from the fire. Shoot it with a fire extinguisher! (Not's the word? Oh, right...extinguish.) The blessings and good things that come from staying away from sin are so much better than the burns, scars, and wounds that you get from playing with it.


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