The Outtakes: Day 2

{If you're wondering what The Outtakes are, check out this post.}

Slept well and woke up after 8 am (although I thought it was much earlier.) Read a devotion out of a devotional book by Susie Shellenberger. Ate breakfast. Was going to work out, but the DVD player wasn't liking our new movie ("You Again") and it wouldn't play it or even eject it. AND it was like 10 am so my mom said just to take a walk with them later (which we're going to do shortly). I did some chores, and then the rest of the (lazy :P) day, I blogged, emailed, read blogs, played guitar, sang, played my iPod, and read a magazine (Clubhouse). If I'm bored tomorrow I want to make duct tape shoes. Something that would've made today BETTER is if it wasn't so lazy (I don't like lazy days!). For dinner we had hamburgers (which were really good), and my mom went to the store today and got whales (I LOVE whales!). Not real whales - the crackers. So I want some right now...but I'm going to wait...sigh, whales are so yummy. Today I got irked at my siblings. Balled my fists 'cause I was angry at another family member. Stomped around. Felt like kicking a door. But it didn't last long.

So, sorry this outtake is pretty boring, but then again, we're being real, aren't we? So this was pretty much today. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive (as in, not lazy).



Nela  – (August 24, 2011 at 5:55 AM)  

I get mad at my siblings too sometimes. So whenever I lose my temper or patience with them, it helps me to go somewhere by myself, and think how I should've handled the situation better. And later on, when my temper has cooled down a bit, I go up to them and I ask for forgiveness. :)

Miss Grace  – (August 24, 2011 at 6:13 AM)  

I noticed you entered and won the God's Daughter giveaway!

I am hosting a giveaway at Grace Place that runs through September 3rd. I'm giving away a pearl bracelet and a jeweled friendship bracelet. Please stop by and enter!

Miss Grace

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