Ze Outtakes: Day 9 and 10

First of all, my day 9 and 10 outtakes...

What are the outtakes?

{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{Day 3}
{Day 4}
{Day 5}
{Day 6 and day 7}
{Day 8}

Hey, dearies. Okay, today I just feel like saying "dearies" in the Blogging world. Anyway...

{Yesterday - Day 9}
Let's see....in the morning we all got ready and went to see Kari Jobe, because she was at the radio station that my dad works at, and they were interviewing her on the radio! So we got to meet her. A pic for you...

(I look tired)

She was really sweet, and she loves Jesus!

Later that night, I babysat my two younger siblings, and we made a movie for our parents - "If I Were Parent For a Day." It wasn't working on our blu-ray player (:P) so we're gonna watch it later on the computer. It was fun. My little 3-year-old sister liked playing "Mom" and my 8-year-old brother liked playing "Dad." :-)

So it was a good day, although I *did* get irked at people (happens all the time :/).

I got up and got ready for volleyball. And I am SO SORE now!

Later I'm going to an eye test thingimajigor where I have to look at a lot of dots for like 45 minutes or something. Fun :P (NOT).

Who else doesn't like appointments? Doctor? Eye doctor? And ESPECIALLY dentist? (anyone else get worried if you have any cavities?)


p.s. Check out my super-sweet-God-loving-fun-encouraging-beautiful-smart-friend Kara's new blog, Klarabelle Candy!

Sylvi! ♫  – (August 31, 2011 at 1:51 PM)  

Awesome! Kari Jobe! Nice!



Shelley  – (August 31, 2011 at 2:56 PM)  

Nice pic! I've never heard of her, but still that's cool how you met her! :) I don't mind going for an eye check-up, or to the dentist, it's the doctor's appointments I don't like! And thanks for following my blog!

Talia  – (August 31, 2011 at 2:59 PM)  

Hey Shelley! You're welcome! It depends WHAT the doctor says for me :0). I don't love getting blood taken :P! Kari Jobe is a really good singer!

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