My Bucket List

Here's my bucket list. I believe in dreaming big and chasing those dreams (if they are for the glory of God, however). I hope to accomplish all of the following before I die. But if I don't? That's okay. God's still got a lot in store for me ☺.

{p.s. May I mention how fun it was to make this bucket list? I stole some of these from God's Daughter, Dramatic Elegance, and Life is Too Short Not to Wear Red Shoes

  1. Surf
  2. Visit Israel
  3. Visit Italy
  4. Visit London
  5. Publish a book with a real publisher
  6. Skydive (maybe)
  7. Visit some of my closest friends
  8. Visit Hawaii and meet Bethany Hamilton
  9. Speak at a conference
  10. See a Broadway musical
  11. Ride an elephant
  12. Be a maid of honor
  13. Own a really nice camera (like Canon or Nikon)
  14. Own a laptop or netbook
  15. Catch something thrown from the stage at a concert
  16. Go to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Pennsylvania
  17. Meet Nancy Rue in person
  18. Learn fluent Spanish
  19. Play the ukulele (or at least try)
  20. Try out a violin
  21. Sing a solo in a musical
  22. Read the whole Bible
  23. Have someone buy my photography
  24. Go snorkeling
  25. Ride in a hot air balloon
  26. See a Royal Tailor in concert
  27. Go to a writing conference featuring Nancy Rue
  28. Be acknowledged in a book written by a friend
  29. Meet AnnaSophia Robb
  30. Watch Les Miserables (the 1998 Columia Pictures one)
  31. Try a little animation using a computer program
  32. Witness someone coming to Christ genuinely and truly
  33. Meet Julie Andrews
  34. Visit Amish country
  35. Having a movie based on a book of mine
  36. Having a book being dedicated to me
  37. Make a successful difficult recipe with no help
  38. Swim with dolphins
  39. Visit Paris
  40. Take a photo of a peacock
  41. Go see the ballet "The Nutcracker"
  42. Eat jambalaya in New Orleans (I changed this one from beignet and po'boy to jambalaya!)
  43. See Wicked performed live
  44. See The Little Mermaid performed live
  45. Make a photography blog
  46. Make a blog design blog
  47. See a rose growing out of cracked cement while it’s rainy and kind of dark
  48. Win a giveaway on a blog
  49. Wear zebra-striped sequins or sparkly flats
  50. Play "Fur Elise" on the piano
  51. Learn to knit
  52. Subscribe to Susie Magazine for at least a year
  53. Go to college
  54. Write a letter to myself ten years from now
  55. Try sushi
  56. See professional synchronized swimming in person
  57. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy
  58. Watch The Avengers when it comes out next year (if it gets a good review)
  59. Visit Australia
  60. Evangelize in the USA
  61. Go on a mission trip to another country
  62. Go see a symphony perform
  63. Ice-skate
  64. Open a door that looks like a bookshelf but is really a secret door (it would be opened by pulling out a special book)
  65. Watch pole-vaulting
  66. Be in a parade
  67. Adopt from another country (that is, if it’s God’s plan for me)
  68. Ride a unicycle
  69. Put a golf ball at the bottom of the Empire State Building
  70. Go inside the White House (I’ve seen it but not gone inside)
  71. Learn how to play Chess
  72. Be a character at Disneyland for a day
  73. Make a book full of photography and get it published
  74. Get a pedicure
  75. Ride a camel
  76. Have someone write a song about me (pending) (thanks, Kiera ☺)
  77. Learn how to waltz, tango, or another kind of ballroom dance
  78. Meet a blog friend
  79. Go to college
  80. Learn how to French braid
  81. Learn how to corn row
  82. Purchase an item from an Etsy shop
  83. Bake a rhubarb pie
  84. Get a Facebook account
  85. Build a successful (small) something made out of playing cards
  86. Start a website for myself
  87. Own a pair of open-toed flats
  88. Wear high heels higher than two inches in public
  89. Be called onstage at a conference or concert
  90. Go inside and to the top of the Washington Monument
  91. Journal consistently and fill a whole journal
  92. Get heart candies OR M&M’s with a custom message on it (or Skittles – do they do that?)
  93. Have a character in a book based on me
  94. Meet Bill Cosby
  95. Be a part of a live audience for a TV show recording
  96. Be a voice in a professional animated movie
  97. Inspire somebody else to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle
  98. Watch Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly). Nope, I’ve never watched it
  99. Keep a consistent devotional and prayer life
  100. Tell one of my friends face-to-face about Jesus.

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