I'm Back (and very tired)

Yesterday, I got back from summer camp. And let me tell you, it was amazing! Especially Saturday night - campfire night. Let me tell you about the week (I'd post pictures, but my camera isn't with me right now)...

I was in a cabin of eight girls (including me) and one leader, Nikki (who's very nice and also really cares about faith & God!). Our team was the Flavor-Blasted Goldfish (like our name? ☺). The other teams were the Word Miners (other girl cabin), the Flapjacks (boys), and the Fluffy Bunnies (other boys' team. I know - real masculine, right? To add to that, they had a flag that was a stick with a Barney towel attached). Throughout the week, all the teams were trying to gain points by winning games, cleaning up, picking up balloon pieces, and finding a hidden item. At the beginning of the week, our team was in dead last. But, at the end of the week, the girls' teams ended up getting 1st and 2nd (mostly from cleaning up!). The boys were good sports, though. When the game guy (Gary) announced that the Flapjacks got last, there was a moment of silence, then their team stood up and cheered. It was pretty funny.

The sessions were great too, and the quiet times (especially the first one). God is so good. I know I say it a lot in my posts, but it's really true. He's so good.

Friday night was Talent Night. It was short, but fun. The leaders did this "Doctor" skit (that a lot of you probably know about), and it was so so so hilarious. Tim, the guy that did the sessions, also wrote a song about our youth pastor, Mike. The song was called "Uncle Mikey." It was so fun :-).

And now, to my favorite part of all...the campfire. We all sat around the fire, and our youth pastor told us to stare at it and think about the week - what we'd learned, what God had showed us, etc. It was awesome. Then, we sang songs, and I started crying. God is so amazing, and I don't deserve His love, but He died for me anyway, and gave me amazing grace. When we sang "Grace Like Rain," I was crying, too. "Amazing Grace" is a song that always touches my heart like not a lot of other songs do. After worship, Pastor Mike said that if anyone wanted to share about the week, they could. After a little while, a boy walked to the front and talked. Then another boy. Then another. I was really impressed and proud of the boys for taking a stand. More people talked about what was happening, and I cried when my friend Allie gave her testimony. Then came an amazing part - my favorite. We crowded closer to the fire. One person would start holding a light-up Frisbee disk. They would say something about or to another person, then give the Frisbee to them, and it would continue. I was crying through that. One of the boys who used to goof off a lot was now listening and paying attention in sessions and really keeping notes. We're not friends or anything, but I was so, so proud of him, and a lot of people could tell he was starting to take his faith seriously and learn more about God and what He wants him to do. I have been praying for this boy for a while, and God really answered my prayer. He is so amazing. Another moment of high value to me was when Pastor Tim (the man who did the sessions) gave the Frisbee to one of the goofy boys who seems to never take his faith seriously. He said something close to the lines of, "I see a lot of potential in you, and I don't know if you see it in yourself. Christ loves you very much, and I don't know if you know that." It was so amazing. I will never, ever forget it. I agree completely with what Tim said, and I am praying for that boy. I'm not just on a "camp high." I'm really changed after going to this camp...changed for the better...for Christ.

Now, my sister is back from Africa. I missed her so bad. Please pray for her, because she is in the hospital due to infected bug bites on her arm. I am pretty sure she is doing well, but she really wants to be home, and we really want her home. Thank you for your prayers, and for those of you who were praying for the Africa girls' mission trip. Haley told me that it was amazing. Thank you again. ♥


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