7 Things About Me Blog Party @ Simply Sarah-Anne

Linking up to the 7 things about me blog party @ Simply Sarah-Anne!

7 Places I Would Like to Visit
1. Israel (that would be a-maz-ing)
2. Italy (I do have Italian in me)
3. London
4. Paris
5. Africa
6. Hawaii
7. Um...I'm thinking Texas, which is random (but I have blog friends there), but...um...there are so many to choose from!

7 Things I Would Like to Make
1. Something out of duct tape besides my duct tape purse
2. A flat iron cover (sorry, copied you, Sarah-Anne!)
3. Old-looking, hard paper (that looks like the paper the Declaration of Independence is on)
4. A really pretty dress
5. Stickers (OK, I've done that before, but I'd like to do it again)
6. A website designed by me
7. A photography blog AND a web design blog

7 People I'd Like to Meet (It said "dead or alive," but I'm just picking alive :-))
1. Jesus (He IS alive and I WILL meet Him!)
2. Sarah
3. Kara
4. Kara
5. Michal
6. Lindsey M. (can't find her blog URL!)
7. Emma C. (she's on the Peacherino Monthly with me, but she doesn't have an "About" page yet)
And Elisabeth Elliot and, if she were alive, Corrie ten Boom.

7 Things I Would Like to Own
1. A laptop, Mac, or netbook (with a webcam built in)
2. A really nice camera - like one of those not-so-small Canon or Nikon ones
3. Glow-in-the-dark stars for my ceiling (haha) (wrote this post but didn't finish it, and my daddy bought me some. Thanks, Dad!)
4. This plush
5. These flats
6. One of those things where you hook it up to your computer and draw on it and it goes right on the screen
7. The Disney movie "Cinderella"

7 Things That Annoy Me
1. When people keep talking about something, assuming I don't know what it is and/or don't know very much about it
2. Watching people eat cereal
3. When our Blu-ray player would not play our regular DVD "You Again"
4. People who are full of themselves (although I admit to being self-centered a lot, too)
5. Gossip
6. When people talk really meanly about someone and they don't even know them (I admit to be guilty of this at times, too)
7. Cursing, profanities, inappropriate stuff, and taking the LORD's name in vain :'(.

7 Films I Love (wrote "Loave" at first!)
1. All 3 Narnia films
2. Soul Surfer
3. Meet the Robinsons
4. Facing the Giants
5. Mulan
6. Tangled
7. Thor (minus the cussing :P! BLECH)

7 Funny Words

1. Throng
2. Innards
3. Peacherino
4. Pulchritudinous 
5. Anemone (remember Nemo in Finding Nemo? And how he couldn't say "anemone" right?" 
6. Bok-choy
7. Splendiferous


Shelley  – (August 29, 2011 at 10:43 AM)  

Cool blog party lists! I saw a pic of your duct tape bag in your post, that's really cool! I like to make duct tape flowers! :) And that peas in a pod plush toy is so cute!

Lexi  – (August 29, 2011 at 3:35 PM)  

That peas in a pod plush is adorable!!! I want that now:)! Fun post!:D

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