Ze Outtakes: Day 9 and 10

First of all, my day 9 and 10 outtakes...

What are the outtakes?

{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{Day 3}
{Day 4}
{Day 5}
{Day 6 and day 7}
{Day 8}

Hey, dearies. Okay, today I just feel like saying "dearies" in the Blogging world. Anyway...

{Yesterday - Day 9}
Let's see....in the morning we all got ready and went to see Kari Jobe, because she was at the radio station that my dad works at, and they were interviewing her on the radio! So we got to meet her. A pic for you...

(I look tired)

She was really sweet, and she loves Jesus!

Later that night, I babysat my two younger siblings, and we made a movie for our parents - "If I Were Parent For a Day." It wasn't working on our blu-ray player (:P) so we're gonna watch it later on the computer. It was fun. My little 3-year-old sister liked playing "Mom" and my 8-year-old brother liked playing "Dad." :-)

So it was a good day, although I *did* get irked at people (happens all the time :/).

I got up and got ready for volleyball. And I am SO SORE now!

Later I'm going to an eye test thingimajigor where I have to look at a lot of dots for like 45 minutes or something. Fun :P (NOT).

Who else doesn't like appointments? Doctor? Eye doctor? And ESPECIALLY dentist? (anyone else get worried if you have any cavities?)


p.s. Check out my super-sweet-God-loving-fun-encouraging-beautiful-smart-friend Kara's new blog, Klarabelle Candy!


Of Sweat (How Lovely!)

I just got back from Day 1 of a 3-day conditioning volleyball thing for my VB team. It was fun, but also sweaty (running....:P). I had a really good time though and am excited to play this season! It was also nice to see my friends Grace, Dacia, Sarah, and Violetta from last season.

One of the reasons why I like being on this team (the main reason) is because of the faith in the team. Our motto is "froG" which means "Fully Rely On God." At the end of each practice, we huddle together, share prayer requests, and pray. It's really awesome to be on a Christian team (this is my 4th year with this team!).

Do you like any sports? What makes you break a sweat?



Giveaway @ Adorkable!

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Inspiring Video



Photo Entry: Bokeh

Entering this photo in Grace's snap & share photo challenge!

Go enter! :-) If you want :-).


The Outtakes: Day 8

What are the outtakes?

{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{Day 3}
{Day 4}
{Day 5}
{Day 6}
{Day 7}

Today I started school. Yay! Okay, so not really yay, but it wasn't bad. I'm reading a book by Voice of the Martyrs called "Hearts of Fire" and so far it is really good :-).

This morning, I got annoyed at a family member...had a bad attitude...but it's good now. And guess what? Today in the mail, the bracelet I won at Raquel's blog came! It is so pretty and I am wearing it right now! I really like it!

My dad, grandparents on my dad's side, and me just went to see the movie "The Help." I really enjoyed it (you laugh, you cry, as my mom said the other day). BUT, I would not recommend it based solely on the boatload of cussing. I would recommend it if there wasn't so much. Really, it was a great movie. You just might want to read the review on Plugged In Online and talk to your parents before you go. But, it was great.

(These pictures aren't mine. They're from movies.about.com)

A Bible verse to end this post:

Acts 2:21
And everyone who calls
   on the name of the Lord will be saved.

You are in my prayers tonight.


7 Things About Me Blog Party @ Simply Sarah-Anne

Linking up to the 7 things about me blog party @ Simply Sarah-Anne!

7 Places I Would Like to Visit
1. Israel (that would be a-maz-ing)
2. Italy (I do have Italian in me)
3. London
4. Paris
5. Africa
6. Hawaii
7. Um...I'm thinking Texas, which is random (but I have blog friends there), but...um...there are so many to choose from!

7 Things I Would Like to Make
1. Something out of duct tape besides my duct tape purse
2. A flat iron cover (sorry, copied you, Sarah-Anne!)
3. Old-looking, hard paper (that looks like the paper the Declaration of Independence is on)
4. A really pretty dress
5. Stickers (OK, I've done that before, but I'd like to do it again)
6. A website designed by me
7. A photography blog AND a web design blog

7 People I'd Like to Meet (It said "dead or alive," but I'm just picking alive :-))
1. Jesus (He IS alive and I WILL meet Him!)
2. Sarah
3. Kara
4. Kara
5. Michal
6. Lindsey M. (can't find her blog URL!)
7. Emma C. (she's on the Peacherino Monthly with me, but she doesn't have an "About" page yet)
And Elisabeth Elliot and, if she were alive, Corrie ten Boom.

7 Things I Would Like to Own
1. A laptop, Mac, or netbook (with a webcam built in)
2. A really nice camera - like one of those not-so-small Canon or Nikon ones
3. Glow-in-the-dark stars for my ceiling (haha) (wrote this post but didn't finish it, and my daddy bought me some. Thanks, Dad!)
4. This plush
5. These flats
6. One of those things where you hook it up to your computer and draw on it and it goes right on the screen
7. The Disney movie "Cinderella"

7 Things That Annoy Me
1. When people keep talking about something, assuming I don't know what it is and/or don't know very much about it
2. Watching people eat cereal
3. When our Blu-ray player would not play our regular DVD "You Again"
4. People who are full of themselves (although I admit to being self-centered a lot, too)
5. Gossip
6. When people talk really meanly about someone and they don't even know them (I admit to be guilty of this at times, too)
7. Cursing, profanities, inappropriate stuff, and taking the LORD's name in vain :'(.

7 Films I Love (wrote "Loave" at first!)
1. All 3 Narnia films
2. Soul Surfer
3. Meet the Robinsons
4. Facing the Giants
5. Mulan
6. Tangled
7. Thor (minus the cussing :P! BLECH)

7 Funny Words

1. Throng
2. Innards
3. Peacherino
4. Pulchritudinous 
5. Anemone (remember Nemo in Finding Nemo? And how he couldn't say "anemone" right?" 
6. Bok-choy
7. Splendiferous



The Outtakes: Day 6 and Day 7

What are the outtakes?

{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{Day 3}
{Day 4}
{Day 5}

Yesterday we went to a BBQ at the church that some of our relatives attend, which was yummy :-). Then we went to the Blackberry Arts Festival, and Haley (my sis), her friend Chelsea & I walked around a bit and watched "Teen Idol" for a little bit. After that we went home and watched a little of the old "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (I like the old one better than the new one that has Johnny Depp in it). After that we went to Haley's 2nd night of the dinner theatre. It went well! Haley did, as she had the night before, great :-)! They all sang "God Bless America" at the end, which was probably one of my favorites. After the dinner theatre we helped load up, the singers ate some cake, and we went home. I didn't get to bad until after 11, and I was pretty tired and slept in until almost 8:40!

I got up and read my devotions (about not excluding people because they aren't "like you" or "in your group of friends" but, instead, love everyone like Jesus would love them), then we got ready and went to church. My friend I haven't seen in awhile was there, and one of Haley's friends, so it was nice seeing them, and the lesson was good.

Tonight I am planning on having something random for dinner, putting more glow-in-the-dark star stickers on my ceiling (thank you for getting them for me, Dad), reading more of "Lucy Doesn't Wear Pink," going to bed, sleeping, LOL and I don't know what else before then ;). Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL day. I am praying for you!


The Outtakes: Day 5 {late}

What are the outtakes?

{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{Day 3}
{Day 4}

Sorry I'm posting this late...we were busy last night :-).

Yesterday, I did my chores, went to the eye doctor (which went well - not a significant change in my prescription, but a slight risk at perhaps in the future developing glaucoma...please pray! No one in my family has it, so I probably won't get it, but thanks for praying anyway).

Last night, my sister sang at a dinner fundraiser for an upcoming vocal class she'll be in. There were seven performers, and it went really well! My mom and I helped with getting the drinks prepared (water, coffee, punch). Tonight I'm going again and will enjoy the dinner and show :-).

Last night, I didn't go to bed 'til eleven (which is late for me) so I was really tired and slept in until almost 8:40 (yes, that's considered "sleeping in" for me). Today we are going to a Blackberry Arts Festival, BBQ at a church my 2nd and 3rd cousins attend, and coming home to prepare for tonight. Will post about today when it's over (or tomorrow) :-).

How is everyone's day going?

A few prayer requests...
*Hurricane Irene (we're not even close to it, but please pray for those who are and those who are affected by it)
*Mrs. Siert

Thanks so much!



The Outtakes: Day 4

"What are 'The Outtakes'?"

{Day 1}
{Day 2}

This morning, I woke up and read some of Lucy Doesn't Wear Pink by Nancy Rue (love that series).
{p.s. Nancy has two blogs I like, 'Tween You and Me and IN REAL LIFE}


For breakfast, I wanted a tuna sandwich (okay, a little obssessed). But since my brother does not like the smell, I had to wait until lunch, when he would be at VBS. I wasn't happy, but I settled for turkey.

(doesn't look as appetizing to me as Starkist tuna packets, but...)

After breakfast, I kind of just lazed around and babysat my sister for a bit. She was watching Dora the Explorer. For lunch, I had a tuna sandwich (yes!).

(random friends excited-jumping)

In the afternoon, I got to chat with two great friends, then I went outside and took some pictures (see this post).

After a yummy dinner of taco salad, we (as in, my family) went for a walk. But, before the walk, I tried riding my brother's bicycle and ended up toppling the whole thing over and falling onto the cement. I laughed :-). sometimes I claim I have blonde roots.

I had a fun day!

Here's a verse I will leave you with (and let me encourage you - read it as if reading it for the first time):

Jeremiah 29:11-13
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

(photos via. I do NOT reinforce or support all content on this site)



Photo Love

Isaiah 40:8 (NIV)"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”




The Outtakes: Day 3

To learn what "The Outtakes" is, click here.

{Day 1}
{Day 2}

Today was a great day! This morning I had a tuna sandwich (I love tuna sandwiches made with Starkist tuna packets) and a deelish granola bar for breakfast (they are chocolately pretzel and are so yummy). Recently I have eaten lots of whale crackers too (I love 'em)!

Later in the day, it was really warm and nice outside, so my brother and sis played in our plastic pool and sprinkler. They had a fun time, and I snapped some pics :-)!

I also enjoyed this Peach Tea Diet Snappel. Me and my bro really like the little facts in the cap!

Today I also made a duct tape bag, which I really like! I finished off 2 partially-used duct tape rolls and one new one :-). 

This afternoon, me and my parents and little bro and sis went to see Spy Kids 4D while my sister went to the movies with her friend for her friend's b-day. Spy Kids was...interesting. The scractch-and-sniff card didn't work very well, and the movie was kind of cheesey...but it did have its couple of cute parts. Is it just me, or does Junie look significantly older in this movie compared to the first three? My mom and I thought he was a different actor at first.

(pictures from movies.about.com)

Tonight after a yummy dinner of shredded beef & pinto beans tacos (yum!), we went on a walk. It was foggy and a bit sprinkly, but I still liked it :-).

So today was a great day!

p.s. Please don't take the photos...they're mine (besides the Spy Kids ones).



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