This Fantabulous Day

Today was pretty fantabulous :-). My mom, little sis, and I went on a short day-trip! We got my sis's hair done (it looks very cute), went out to lunch at Chipotle with two of my cousins and my aunt, and went shopping with them. We had a lot of fun! I came home to a letter from my sis who is going on a mission trip to Africa & Pascal the Chameleon that my dad bought for me! I love it! Very cute, huh?

(this pic is from

It was really nice to get an update from my sister. She is doing well and is learning alot and growing closer to God and learning more about Him! She is growing strong in faith.
Me and my cousin Samantha got pictures taken in one of those photo booths, which was sooo fun! What we didn't know was that a recap video was being played that my aunt and Mom could see (and were recording part of...hmm) ☺.

My mom got me a couple books from a Christian book store that I am excited to read :-). Thanks, Mom!!!

It was a great day!!

One really sad and rather scary thing about today, though, was what my cousin said...that they aren't doing the Pledge of Allegiance at their school because it says God's name. Is that crazy or what? Please pray!! This is really scary to me. But God is in control!

One other thing...since this seems to be "the thing to do" (although I'm pro going against the flow ☺), I thought I'd do it...

Lately (from Jocee's blog)

{reading} Timescape by Robert Liparulo
{listening} Mulan Jr., Wicked, a bit of Curious George{drinking} Water...
{eating} Nothing right now. Today I ate Chipotle & McDonald's (I feel very unhealthy!)
{anticipating} My sister's return from her mission trip (although I am so proud of her and know that this is God's will), the Do Hard Things Tour, play performances
{loving} My family, God, my close friends, writing, photography, life ♥. God's amazing.
{looking}at this blog post as I'm writing it!
{inspired by} God and how amazing He is, the real beauty I see around me.

Trinka  – (July 2, 2011 at 6:40 AM)  

Awww, that little pascal is SOOO cute! :) I'm glad your sister is doing well. :)

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