A Commet in my Inbox

I received this comment from a reader and thought I'd clear up a few things...

dear Talia,
i like your blog very much. and your being very kind to make a giveaway. i appreciate it.
but i dont think you should count out girls who ARE NOT followers! i feel as if its discrimination. these girls love your blog as much as your "followers", most likely, they have a VERY good reason not to follow. why would they be reading your post if they didnt?
just my point of view.
sorry if you dont like what i said, but i had to say it.
and i think you should put this on your comments. you might not, and i'll understand.
but i think you should.
its a cute innocent contest, but i REFUSE to enter. even if i do follow.
just my view.
nice post.
-a follower OF GOD

First of all, I am really sorry if I seem like I am discriminating anyone. I am certainly NOT trying to. At first, I was going to allow non-followers to enter the giveaway, but one of the main points of this giveaway is to get more followers (you girls know that). I'm not trying to be selfish, and forgive me if I am. I am very glad that girls like to read my blog, even if they aren't followers. To me, it is just as good for a non-follower to read my posts as a follower. The point of this particular giveaway, however, was to get people to follow and to allow those who DO follow to enter the giveaway. I may have another giveaway in the future that allows non-followers to enter. If you are worried about following because you don't want to give out a picture or your name, you really don't have to. You can use a fake internet name & no pic of yourself. I am not trying to force anyone to follow by hosting this giveaway. I just thought it would be a fun thing to do. If you girls have anything else that you would like to say, please do. I am open to your comments. And, to answer Sarah's question, posting about the giveaway on, say, Gmail Buzz, Facebook, or Twitter DOES count, and yes, you can get an entry for "subscribing" to your own newsletter.

Mary  – (July 18, 2011 at 6:33 AM)  

Talia, I think its perfectly okay for you to have a giveaway for just your followers, I would do the same thing if I was having a giveaway. Your response to this girl was well given:)
Blessings and love<3

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