The Sensation of Writing

Most writers should know the feeling. Putting words down on paper, pouring your heart onto the pages (or giving just a peek into your life), sharing what's going on with you and what God is teaching you, finding descriptive words and sentences that fit perfectly with your mood, getting a blog post or story near-perfect so that you like it MAJORLY much, when other people like your writings and you feel fantastic about them, because either they show a part of who you are or they came out just the way you wanted them...when you can relate to the characters in your story (and other people can, too), when your words & writings inspire people, motivate them, and challenge them to dream bigger, reach higher, persevere. There are many words that describe writing at some points - fun, hard, easy, imaginative, creative, dull, plain, adventurous, romantic, daring, realistic...but not a perfect word that describes it in the whole. If you are a true writer, there is so much goodness, fun, and joy in writing, even though it's hard. Writing has untapped potential unless you are willing to hold the reigns, dive into the deep end, and give your all. When you really get lost in your writing, when you feel the words, when others feel them, when they are pleasing to God and people are growing in their faith because the words showed them something...that's the sensation of writing.

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Anonymous –   – (June 18, 2011 at 2:46 PM)  

Love this Talia! I think i'm gonna start writing something here pretty soon...


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