Guest Post: Why Am I Discontent? {By Miss Raquel}

Miss Raquel from God's Daughter has done a guest post for us! Thanks, Miss Raquel!

Why Am I Discontent?

Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said ‘I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you.’
~Hebrews 13:5

I think we use the word ‘need’ too often. And too loosely.

I need this new blouse’… ‘I need to buy an iPod’… ‘I need some chocolate.’

First of all, this word doesn’t only symbolize selfishness…it shows our discontentment.

When we actually stop and look at our blessed life, it makes us realize how horribly selfish and discontent we are. When we realize that God has given us so much already, and that others have so little…it makes us feel guilty.

Recently, I was telling my Mama how I really want to rearrange my room. Repaint it, get matching furniture, move my bunk-bed out of it and put in our new daybed, get new shelves, etc. She asked me why we couldn’t just leave it the way it is. ‘It’s not like it looks ugly or anything.’ I didn’t answer. To me, it was. I had grown discontent with how my room wasn’t as nice as other girls’. That my friends could have matching sheets and comforters and even window curtains. Matching furniture, paintings and pictures hanging on their walls to match their room colors. It made me feel like my room was so ‘poor’ next to others. I had grown discontent.

Soon after I had been telling Mama all this, I read an article in a magazine. It was about a girl who had gotten rescued from sexual trafficking. She had been taken to a shelter, especially for girls who were rescued. The missionaries who were working there gave her a room with her own bed, pillow, and blanket. She didn’t remember what ‘comfort’ felt like. Over the next few months that she was at the shelter, she grew to learn to trust people once again. She went to the church that the missionaries held every Sunday and within a few weeks gave her life to Jesus. All she (had) ever needed was at her fingertips. She had a home – not large or majestically comfortable. She had love – from people whom she had only known for a few months. She had salvation – by the only Man who had ever truly loved her. Loved her enough to come to this world to die for her sins.

I was so convicted by this that I felt like crying. Here I was complaining that my room wasn’t ‘nice’, while there are people out there who don’t have anything. They don’t even have their own room. They don’t have half the comforts that I possess and am blessed with. I have a home…I have a family…I have friends…and above all else, I have a Savior. What is there to be discontent with?


Miss Raquel's blog is God's Daughter, and I encourage you to visit it and sign her guestbook! She's also hoping to have a big giveaway when she reaches 400 followers, so maybe we can help her out :-)!

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