Our Trip to CA

Get ready for a long post with lots of photos!

No, I haven't ditched this blog (how could I?), and I haven't left you guys for good (no way!). This week, my family went on a vacation to California.

We drove up last Friday to Vallejo (which I finally learned how to pronounce - Va-LAY-ho! OK, I just had to ask Dad to double-check, but still ☺!) and on Saturday we went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I don't want to sound overly ungrateful (or ungrateful at all), but it wasn't as great as we thought it would be. I DID have fun, especially on the river raft ride (I love those rides!), but the lines for some of the rides were SOOO long, so we didn't go on many rides. We still had fun, though. Here are a few Six Flags pics...

This is the first ride we went on, and it was really fun!

I rode a zebra on the carousel!

Having fun on an airplane ride!

Next, we went to San Francisco and went on a bus tour and across the Golden Gate Bridge, which was neat. I remember when they show it in the films Princess Diaries and Extreme Days ☺. In San Francisco, we also went to Chipotle, and I got a burrito, which was SO YUMMY! It was such a good burrito! We mainly wanted to go there because we saw Steve Ells, the founder of Chipotle, on the TV show America's Next Great Restaurant, but the food was really good ☺. Here are some pictures from San Francisco.

Sorry, don't know how to rotate it on Blogger, but this is me, Haley, Elias, and Sika in Chinatown, which was really cool besides the buddhas and stuff :(. There were really neat fans, outfits, and knickknacks, and Elias got a necklace that has a scorpion in it and the back (not the scorpion, the necklace) glows in the dark! He was pretty excited.

The Alcatraz Landing. We didn't actually take a boat out to Alcatraz, but we passed this area on the bus tour.

In front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

One very sad thing that we saw on TV was that a teen girl named Alison who lived in Danville, California, was seen going onto the Golden Gate Bridge but never coming off (they believe she committed suicide). Please pray for those who knew her, and for everyone to know that they are treasured by God and that they are worth it. This happened one day after we went to the Bridge.

After San Francisco, we went to Nice, CA (pronounced Neece, not Nice ☺) and stayed at a resort, which was very fun. We went swimming (my favorite part) and bowling. My dad told me at the bowling alley that apparently "planking" is the "current thing", so here are some pics of us planking! As for bowling, I tied for 4th place with my 2-year-old sister Fasika!

We also went to IN-N-OUT Burger, and check out the awesome Bible verse references on the drink cups!

This is us "driving through a tree" that is around 2,400 years old! We didn't technically drive through it because the car wouldn't fit, but still, it was neat to see. There was also a cup at IN-N-OUT that said "John 3:16" on it. That's awesome, isn't it?

While in Nice, we also watched both the American Idol and Biggest Loser finales ☺. And they both went how I wanted them to! Hehe. I won't ruin who won for you, but here are a couple pics from the web.

Guess what? Kirk Franklin sang with Jacob Lusk on American Idol! I was so pleasantly surprised and happy that he was on there! How cool, huh?

Another awesome occurrence on the American Idol Season 10 Finale was that the winner (I won't say who it was ☺) thanked the Lord first and foremost after they won. It was so cool and awesome!

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Even though we are glad to be home, we had a really fun trip!

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