Being a Kid Again

Ever felt like being a kid? I know I am a kid (duh! ☺), but sometimes, I just wanna do little-kiddish stuff. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so! Isn't it fun to watch classic Disney movies and VeggieTales (right on!), dress up like a fairytale princess, read picture books, and draw with chalk? Isn't it okay to enjoy watching "The Tigger Movie" and the "Arthur" movies? Can't it be a blast to dance around your room, pretend your bed is a treehouse, and make dorky movies? I think all of the above stuff is wonderful! Right now, as a matter of fact, we are watching my sister's new movie, The Little Mermaid.


Why do you think we like doing kiddish stuff? Is it because it's fun? Maybe. Because we enjoy doing it? Perhaps. Because we miss being a kid, and want to get out of the current moment for just a few minutes? Possibly.

There is something about little kids that I like, that I think we all like deep down. Their faith. Their carefree spirits. Now, I know that not all little kids are like that, but when they are, don't you adore it? Don't you yearn to have faith like them? Faith that they really are a princess or a knight, faith that anything can happen, faith in the Easter bunny? (Okay, maybe you wouldn't want the last one, but still, just thought I'd add it) Faith in God?

Matthew 18:3 says this: "And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Although it is super fun to do, I don't think ^this verse is talking about drawing with chalk and making dorky videos. I think it's talking about the faith that little children have. I want to have that kind of faith. And even though I do like watching VeggieTales, reading Arthur books, and making dorky movies, the real reason I want to be like a child is so that my faith in Jesus Christ would be stronger and more genuine.

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