Day 14: A Vacation I Would Like to Take

I've got several, actually...:-)

First of all, Israel!!! YES!!!!!!! I would love to go to Bible places and also places I have read about in the Left Behind: The Kids books (even though I know a lot of these probably won't look the same).

Petra! I'm not exactly sure if this is in Israel or not, but it's in Left Behind and it's where the believers stay. I would love to go there. It looks so cool!

London! I just think it would be cool :-).

Italy! My parents went there, and I would love to go there! I've got a little Italian in the blood (my name is even in the name :-)), and I love Italian food, plus it would be a really cool experience!

Plus...Louisiana, Indiana, New York (I've been there but want to go again), Nebraska, and Florida!!


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