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The crowd, filled with smiling faces belonging to the people you love, stands as you walk down the isle with your arm wrapped around your father's. Moments before your entrance, two flower girls tossed petals on the very ground you are now walking. All eyes are on you as you smile at your family and friends, dressed in a gorgeous, white gown with your hair in an elegant style, a veil covering your face. Your eyes search the area around you, and then they stop directly in front of you. There is your 'Prince Charming', looking handsome and kind and gentle-manly and proud as you walk towards him. Your father smiles at you before taking a seat, and you walk to your soon-to-be husband. He takes your hand and slides a sparkling ring on your finger. You look into his eyes as he pulls back the veil and a tear trickles down your cheek - a tear of joy. You smile as you say the words you have known for so long but have never said in this setting..."I do."

Don't we all want this to happen to us someday? Maybe you don't, but I think a lot of you do. For many of you, it may one of your dreams to say those words - "I do" - to look into the eyes of your true love, and to realize that what you've been dreaming about for so long has finally come true. And wouldn't it be wonderful to wear a white dress and to know that you have stayed pure for this one man, and here he is? Wouldn't it be comforting to know that you've waited so long for this one man, and God brought him into your life? Wouldn't that be worth the wait, to find the man you find yourself marrying?

But, are you even supposed to think about this stuff now? And what can you do to prepare for possible marriage one day, if God's plan for you includes marriage?

Well, I think it is awesome that more and more girls are deciding to remain pure until marriage...emtotionally and physically. By not giving themselves away, even in the things they do and say, they are saving themselves for their future husbands. I read an analogy in a book called Ask Bethany by Bethany Hamilton with Doris Rikkers. Her analogy for boyfriend-girlfriend relationships was really cool. She said that if you take one piece of colored paper - a boy - and another piece of differently colored paper - a girl - and stapled them together, then tried to tear them apart, what would happen? Pieces of the other gets stuck on the other paper. It's a lot like that with guy-girl relationships. When you give a piece of your heart away to a guy who is NOT your husband, it is like tearing two pieces of stapled paper apart from each other. It's painful. It hurts. And it leaves scarrs and tears.

Why go through all the emotional pain, when God is writing your love story? Why flirt with lots of boys, when God only has ONE in mind for you? Why do things you know are inappropriate just to get attention from boys?

One thing that I think is very true is that it is sooo not worth it to change who you are so that a boy will like you. Most times, girls get into relationships with boys that do not last. Some think it is wrong to live together, others don't. I personally do think it is wrong, because that IS giving away a part of yourself.

Why throw away your virginity when it is so precious? Why throw away pieces of yourself? Why give them to a guy who is not and will never be your future spouse? Some girls think they are in love with certain guys, only to find out that what they consider 'love' isn't really true love at all. So my advice? Don't waste yourself. Wait for God's will. Wear a white dress on your wedding day. It will be very rewarding, and it will be worth the wait. Trust me. No, trust God. He's writing your love story, and He will bring your Prince Charming to you when the time is right. So wait - and trust.

Anonymous –   – (January 17, 2011 at 10:59 AM)  

ya know Talia, It must have been a total God -thing that you posted this right now. :) because i too am waiting (and dreaming) about that day with my prince charming on one side, people i love on the other, and God just smiling.:)And like you said i don't want it to be with just anybody. :) your post are really coolio and pretty inspiring if i do say so myself! :D Thanks! :D

Talia DeAndrea  – (January 17, 2011 at 2:02 PM)  

Hannah, wow! God is awesome! I am so glad He is using me. Wow, that's amazing!! I too need to remember to wait for what GOD wants instead of what I want, you know? I know that if I trust Him, He won't let me down! And His arms are always open for me to run back to Him (and you, too)!

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