Tania's Faith Excerpt

Hey, guys. I thought I'd share an excerpt of my new book with you! By the way, puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz don't copy it. That would really stink, you know? So thanks so much for not copying it!

Haha, this is just a random excerpt, so sorry you don't really know what's going on. If you want to learn more, just e-mail me or comment.

Tania's Faith

© Talia DeAndrea, 2010

That night, Fred immediately drifted off to sleep, but it wasn’t so easy for Tania. She was scared. She loved it that she had new friends, but she really didn’t want to be involved in returning the Riverren to King Luvlight. She wished she had never angrily run into the forest. Then none of this would have happened. But good had come out of it, she had to admit. Nonetheless, she knew she was wrong to be so harsh to her father. But, she knew she should return the Riverren. It was hers, and she was going to return it to King Luvlight. Her and Fred had plans to continue traveling in the morning. Tania hoped they would get to King Luvlight’s palace soon, and she also hoped that they would find Amira. She must be so scared, Tania thought. I know I am. As morning approached, she finally fell asleep.

Tania awoke with a start. It was bright and sunny, and she heard birds chirping. She also heard growling. Fred was up and alert, and his eyes were wide with what Tania recognized as fear. “Fred?” she said. “Shhh,” Fred cautioned. “There’s something in there.” He pointed to the bushes a couple yards away. “What is it?” Tania whispered. “Don’t know,” Fred said, “but I have an idea.” “What?” Tania hissed. Fred looked at her. “A tiger.” Tania felt sick. A tiger? Was it mean? Was it going to eat them? Just then, all was still. Fred looked at Tania, then looked back at the bush. He quietly stood up, but his foot accidentally hit a rock, making a quiet clunk. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quiet enough. Suddenly, a huge tiger with sharp teeth and blazing eyes emerged from the bushes, roaring fiercely and charging toward them. Tania screamed. Fred barked and crouched down, then leapt onto the tiger. “Tania, run!” he yelled. Tania backed up, still watching them.
“Fred!” she yelled. The tiger bared its claws and swiped at Fred, the two rolling over and over on the ground as if they were in a wrestling tournament. Fred is so much smaller than that tiger, Tania thought. He won’t stand a chance. “Fred, be careful!” she cried. She had no idea why this tiger wanted to fight them, but she did know one thing: he looked hungry. The tiger bared its claws a final time and took another swipe at Fred, this time making a deep, bloody scratch on Fred’s chest. The tiger released its clutch and opened its jaw to take a bite. “NO!” Tania screamed, grabbing the nearest thing she could find – a large stick – and hurling it at the monstrous animal. It hit the tiger in the face. He snarled and stared at Tania, then charged. She ran to get the stick, which was only a few feet away. She grabbed it and swung at the tiger. She missed the first time, and the second. The third time, she whacked the tiger in the face. He growled and got ready to pounce. Tania held the stick above her head, and with a final heave, she threw the stick at the tiger and hit him squarely in the chest. He whimpered and scurried into the forest.

Hope you liked it :)! Please tell me what you thought! I'm up for constructive criticism, but please...no immensely mean stuff ;)! Thanks!

God bless you!


Anonymous –   – (December 7, 2010 at 2:21 PM)  

That's wonderful, Talia! You are such a great writer! Wow!:)

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