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Last night, as you know, was Thanksgiving. And it was great! I had dinner with family and a friend, then we went to see the movie Tangled (which was very good). But this post isn't about Thanksgiving, although I DO love Thanksgiving. This post is about Christmas. Today our family decorated for Christmas (something I love to do). We got our tree all figured out, hung up decorations, and strung lights on the long pole thing that holds the window curtains (what is it called?! Ack!). I just asked my sister. She said it's called a rod. So, anyway, my sister, brother, and I went to my grandparents' house and ended up decorating their house with my aunt, which was very fun :). Then, we came home. And do you know what? I came in the living room, and no lights were on but the Christmas lights. And they looked magnificent. Doesn't seeing the Christmas decorations and lights give you this joyful feeling inside, like you are lit up? And, if so, do you ever wonder why? You know, have you ever wondered why some people are all 'hunky dory' about Christmas (sorry, my youth pastor uses 'hunky dory' a lot). Or have you ever wondered about the Scrooge-like people? You might wonder WHY they aren't excited about Christmas. Or you may wonder why the hunky dory people are all, well, hunky dory about it. You may be wondering what on earth everybody's talking about when they're all like, "I have this warm feeling inside." Ever wonder? Or maybe you don't wonder and you just think they're silly. I, for one, DO feel all joyful and lit-up inside when Christmas comes around. And here are possible reasons WHY I could be...

Because of all the food (man, it's great!)

Because of the people I am around all the time

Because of the gifts (c'mon, honestly, aren't the gifts something you're, like, MAJORLY looking forward to?)

Because of the decorations (ya gotta love 'em. I mean, aren't little snowmen the CUTEST?!)

Because of all the sharing that goes on

Although those reasons are all PART of why I'm happy, there is one main reason why I feel lit-up inside on Christmas day (and even before). It is because of the joy God has given me through my salvation, the joy God has given me through a personal relationship with Him - a personal relationship that you can have, too. God offered the best and unbeatable gift of all when He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to the earth as a baby to die for our sins. He's offering you the gift of salvation and eternal life. Will you accept it?

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