And The Winner Is...

Okay, so you know the contest ended last night, and this morning I wrote the two names of the entrants on separate slips of paper, put them in a hat, and had my brother draw a name.

Aaannddd the winner issss..... (drumroll, please)


Congratulations, Mary! Here's Mary's story. Thank you, everyone who entered! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries! God bless!

What Friends Are For
By Mary McLane

I have a lot of friends. All of them are close to me. The closest, Grace, I have known since birth! Here is a story about her and I.

Grace jumped up and down when she saw our car coming down the road. We hadn’t seen each other in 2 years! I was so exited to see her and play with her but when I got out of our car she nearly knocked me down as she ran past me! I looked behind me she was hugging my brother. She obviously liked him. I was so disappointed.

What happened to her? Its like, she changed. We were staying at her house for a week and the whole first day all she could do is talk to my brother. I couldn’t stand it anymore! I ended up asking her what she liked to do and she said shop at the mall so I decided to take her to the mall and shop for some cute clothes.

When we got there I took her to Hollister and we looked at T-shirts and Shoes and Jeans and basically everything! We shopped for about 4 hours and we got really close but she still couldn’t stop thinking about him. I had to get to the bottom of this. Fast.

While she was sleeping I looked through her magazine drawer and saw ALL horse magazines! That was it! She had a love for horses! All I had to do was take her to my house! It would be hard though because we live 3 hours away. So I asked my mom if we could take her to our house and she said yes!

When we got home I took Grace to the barn and we rode my horses around my farm. We had good conversations mostly about our favorite horses. We rode for about 2 hours and then went inside and looked at my horse magazines. We found out how to make horse jumps out of wood and man do I have a lot of wood on my property!

We made a whole jump course in my field. We went and got our horses and warmed them up and then teaching our horses how to run correctly when approaching a jump. First I taught Grace then she taught me! When I was standing in my field Grace started running her horse. Man, She nearly knocked me down as she ran past me. I then got on my horse and did the same thing! We were ready, I could tell.

I went first. I was afraid of falling off but Grace comforted me until I was ready. She is such a good friend! I ran my horse to the jump and we soared over! We even had room to spare! I was so happy that I kept going around the course over and over until Grace got mad at me and told me it was her turn.

I finally stopped and Grace started off. She ran her horse but her horse was afraid of the jump and reared Grace off. I ran to her and called 911. When the ambulance got to my house I had already gotten grace to her feet and onto my horse and I gave her a ride back to the house. Grace was in a lot of pain. The paramedics checked her and said she had a broken arm.

I was devastated. So was she. I could tell she was sad but I was crying saying im so sorry I did this to you! She comforted me and we went to the hospital and got her a cast and pain medicine. She felt a lot better but I was still blaming myself. She said if it wasn’t for me she would still be at her house being really board and wishing she had spent more time with me. I felt better but still sad. She said that a trail ride would make me feel better but how could she ride with one hand? With help from a best friend, because that’s what friends are for.

Anonymous –   – (November 17, 2010 at 8:43 PM)  

Thanks Emii! Thanks Talia!

Anonymous –   – (November 18, 2010 at 2:24 PM)  

That IS such a cool story!=) Well done!!!

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