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Just thought I'd post quickly about what's been going on today. I've been working on my Patriot's Pen essay, which is nearly finished, instead of school (that was nice). I watched part of Camp Rock 2, and the songs are stuck in my head!! Ahhh! That isn't such a good thing ☺. Yesterday we watched that movie with our friend, and when they did something that particularly disgusted me (it starts with a k and ends with iss!), I threw a pillow at the screen and knocked the portable DVD player over! Heehee! A highlight of today was that I went to a gospel mission and served dinner with our co-op junior high. It was awesome and it was fun! One thing I thought I'd mention on here is that (so it's sanitary) if you touch your face or something, you're supposed to go wash your hands. Well, I made five or more trips to the sink...should've pinned my hair back...But anyway, it was a great experience that I hope I can do again. I think that it's cool we can show those people Jesus through our actions. And lastly, tonight was our volleyball dessert. We got medals and certificates and volleyball pictures. It was AWESOME! I had so much fun this year. Plus the dessert was good ;0D.

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