Sorry I haven't posted in a while. As you might have guessed, I've been (well, duh) grounded! It was because I was rude to my sister. Sound familiar? A lot of us can relate!

Your parents probably tell you (if you have siblings) to be kind to your siblings. They probably tell you to apologize if you do or say something hurtful (even if you're sooo not sorry sometimes). Or they probably ground or spank you (or use some other discipline method) so that you'll get the point: get along with your siblings! But maybe you're thinking, Why should I? (or 'they're bossy' or 'they're annoying' or 'they aren't even trying to get along with me, so why bother?')
The question you're probably asking is..."Why should I respect my siblings?"
(Pick the following that you think is the answer...)
a. Because they're human and God-created, and God loves them and wants you to respect them.
b. Because your parents say you should.
c. Because otherwise my friends will think I'm dumb for fighting with my sibs.

The answer is 'A'. True, you should listen to your parents when they say you should respect your siblings, but you should also have a heart of respect. God loves you and your siblings sooo much (if He didn't, why would He create you in the first place? He wouldn't, so it's pretty obvious He loves you!). He doesn't want you and your siblings to disrespect each other. Although you don't have to have the same opinion as your siblings, you can still respect theirs and respect them. It will make you, your siblings, and God a lot happier!

Sarah  – (October 18, 2010 at 7:02 PM)  

I totally agree, Talia! I really need to remember that! I get in a lot of trouble with my brother. Please pray for me! Thanks.

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