Happy Birthday to a Great Friend!

Today is the birthday of our family's dear friend, Christa Sterken. I hope you have a fabulous day. You are such a great, godly example and mentor to me. Thank you so much. I am blessed to know you!


Cool Pic Tips

Here's some cool pics tips for you! Just for fun :).

Off to the Side: Sometimes pictures on the side look good, not directly in the middle. Black and white is cool, too! Or sepia!

Magnifying glasses can make for some pretty funny pics!!

Flower Power. Tip: To make the flowers look like they have dew drops on them, spray them with water from a spray bottle. But not too much!


Ever Doubted Prayer?

Have you ever doubted that prayer works? Does it ever seem to you like God is, like, totally unresponsive, NOT ready to help us and NOT there for us? It can feel like that a lot, can't it? Well, last week at youth group we started our small groups, where we broke up into groups and prayed and shared stuff with each other. It was really great. And before that youth group, I hadn't been reading my devotions very much. After that and after we prayed together I have been noticing that I have felt a lot closer to God, and I have been reading my devotions almost EVERY day. It has been great and it feels so good not being - well, not FEELING like God is distant. Cause He's not! He's good and loving and always ready with open arms for you to run back to Him and say, "God, thank you. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."


An Overview of Today

Just thought I'd post quickly about what's been going on today. I've been working on my Patriot's Pen essay, which is nearly finished, instead of school (that was nice). I watched part of Camp Rock 2, and the songs are stuck in my head!! Ahhh! That isn't such a good thing ☺. Yesterday we watched that movie with our friend, and when they did something that particularly disgusted me (it starts with a k and ends with iss!), I threw a pillow at the screen and knocked the portable DVD player over! Heehee! A highlight of today was that I went to a gospel mission and served dinner with our co-op junior high. It was awesome and it was fun! One thing I thought I'd mention on here is that (so it's sanitary) if you touch your face or something, you're supposed to go wash your hands. Well, I made five or more trips to the sink...should've pinned my hair back...But anyway, it was a great experience that I hope I can do again. I think that it's cool we can show those people Jesus through our actions. And lastly, tonight was our volleyball dessert. We got medals and certificates and volleyball pictures. It was AWESOME! I had so much fun this year. Plus the dessert was good ;0D.


I Think It's Time For a...Writing Contest!

Hey, girls. I think it's about time I did a writing contest on Girlz of God. The winner's entry will be posted on the site on the Contests page! See Contests page for more info.


Wish I Had My Camera!

Have you ever been out in your car or on a walk or something, and you see something GORGEOUS that makes you wish that you'd brought your camera? That has happened to me a lot! In fact, yesterday we were driving home from our homeschool co-op, and the sky looked sooooooooo cool the way the clouds were and everything. I wish I could have captured it! My point of today's post is this: Cherish each moment. It is a blessing from God! And I'm not saying you have to capture it all on a camera (although I'd love to do that!). I'm saying to enjoy each moment we are blessed with. A couple weeks ago at youth group, our assistant youth leader Corey was speaking, and he was quoting his dad when he said if he worked for the newspaper or the radio station, each day he would announce or put as the newspaper headline, "Jesus withholds judgement for another day." Wouldn't that be cool? Jesus gives us yet ANOTHER chance for salvation. Isn't that amazing?

I hope YOU have a great day cherishing the details!


In the last post, Lexi said she asks God what to do when something is really confusing in school and she is still confused, even after she asks the teacher. Thanks for sharing, Lexi! I'm sure a lot of us can relate. In our next post, we'll talk about what to do in times when God seems unresponsive! For this post, you can comment on a time when you wished you had your camera with you, or a moment you know you'll keep with you forever, or a time you laughed so hard you cried, or something like that. If you want, you can also tell us if God has seemed unresponsive or distant at one time or another. And you can keep posting times when you've cried out to God and asked, "What can I do?" This is a lot of stuff, so I'll give you some time to answer. Hope you have a great day!! God loves you!

p.s. Check out the new page, Girlz Qz!


What Do I Do, God?

What do I do, God? Have you ever asked that question? I know I have. Isn't it frustrating when you think you know what God wants, but what He really wants is different than you could have ever imagined - until you find out He actually has something better in store for you? I've been wondering, "God, what do I do?" Recently I've been gardening like crazy, trying to earn money so I can sponsor a child. The thing is, the child I was planning on sponsoring isn't showing up on the site anymore. It's like a little voice inside me (Jesus) is telling me, "Wait." But I don't want to wait. Sound familiar? I want to sponsor a child now, but I know I need to wait for God's will and spend time with Him and in His Word, the Bible, so I can learn more about Him and grow closer to Him - and find out what He wants for me. He's really great, and He's never gonna let me down, no matter what I go through. And He's never gonna let you down or let you go either. Please don't ever forget that.

If you'd like to post a comment today, tell us about a time when you've asked God, "What do I do, God? I'm so confused!" OR, if you don't feel comfortable posting that, you can just post whether you've asked God what to do before. I'd love to hear from you!

God bless,



Sorry I haven't posted in a while. As you might have guessed, I've been (well, duh) grounded! It was because I was rude to my sister. Sound familiar? A lot of us can relate!

Your parents probably tell you (if you have siblings) to be kind to your siblings. They probably tell you to apologize if you do or say something hurtful (even if you're sooo not sorry sometimes). Or they probably ground or spank you (or use some other discipline method) so that you'll get the point: get along with your siblings! But maybe you're thinking, Why should I? (or 'they're bossy' or 'they're annoying' or 'they aren't even trying to get along with me, so why bother?')
The question you're probably asking is..."Why should I respect my siblings?"
(Pick the following that you think is the answer...)
a. Because they're human and God-created, and God loves them and wants you to respect them.
b. Because your parents say you should.
c. Because otherwise my friends will think I'm dumb for fighting with my sibs.

The answer is 'A'. True, you should listen to your parents when they say you should respect your siblings, but you should also have a heart of respect. God loves you and your siblings sooo much (if He didn't, why would He create you in the first place? He wouldn't, so it's pretty obvious He loves you!). He doesn't want you and your siblings to disrespect each other. Although you don't have to have the same opinion as your siblings, you can still respect theirs and respect them. It will make you, your siblings, and God a lot happier!


A Difference - YOU Can Make It!

So, I was doing something on my blog when I noticed the new page - 'Stats'. It tells how many pageviews total, referral sites, and even the different countries where people have viewed this site. It shocked me how many different countries were on the list! So it got me thinking. You and me can make a difference right now where we are. God can use us in amazing ways! Isn't that cool? Maybe there's someone who's reading this right now who doesn't know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Maybe they know about Him and have heard of Him, but don't have a personal relationship with Him. Or maybe they've grown up in a different faith their whole life. Maybe the person is you. Whatever the case is, I feel like I should share this: God loves you. Period. No 'buts'. He doesn't love you IF. Nuh-uh. He just loves you, even if you never love Him back (although He does NOT want that to happen). He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross and take the punishment for all the bad things we do (that would be a really heavy burden, huh?). He knows just how you feel. And guess what? He didn't stay dead! He rose again on the third day, just like He said. No, I'm not crazy. No, I'm not a perfect. Yes, I am sinful. Yes, I need Jesus. Yes, He has given me eternal life and joy. Although I'm not always happy, and I do still sin, God has given me this amazing gift of His salvation and love. He's so awesome! I hope you won't put off accepting Him. He's really changed my life - and other people's lives. All you have to do to ask Him in your heart is to tell Him you know you're a sinner and that you've sinned (done bad things; we all have!), but that you know God sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins, so that we can be with Jesus in heaven someday (check out John 3:16-17, Romans 8:38-39, and Isaiah 54:10), and that you are totally surrendering your life to Jesus. You can email me at girlzofgod@gmail.com for more info. I will totally be praying for you!

Please know that this is too important to put off. Like one of our youth leaders said, we don't know how long we have. Sorry to be blunt, but we could die any moment. We don't know. But God is good, and He wants to give you a second chance. Will you take it?

When I was at a cafe for an event called 'PURECHOICE' about being pure, a guy named Ben Courson talked about being saved or recommitting your life to Christ. He said if they wanted to, to stand up - to make that stand for Christ. It was so amazing for me to see so many people stand up and totally devote themselves to Jesus. It was an amazing event I will never forget. Ben Courson said something like, "Maybe your heart is beating really fast right now." It does that sometimes when I KNOW I'm supposed to do something, but I don't want to. Maybe you're wishing I would shut up right now. Maybe you want to stop reading. Maybe you have. But I sure hope that isn't the case. Is your heart beating right now? Is God trying to get your attention? Do you just KNOW that this is true and that you need to surrender for Christ right now? Please, please, do. I will pray for you. God bless you!


p.s. For more info or to talk about this, contact me at girlzofgod@gmail.com

Hebrews 11:1 (New International Version)
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


Lazy Days...What Can I Do With Them?

Today was a really lazy day for me. I've been home sick. I was supposed to help at a car wash fundraiser for our volleyball team, but it was rainy outside and I was already sick and didn't want to get sicker. I was supposed to spend the night at a friend's house, but I got sick (and so did her and her dad). You know, sometimes I fall in the trap of thinking that some things aren't fair. But you know what? We live in a very sinful world. Things are not always going to be fair. And what good would pouting do (I need to remember this one myself!)? You know what I thought today? I thought something like, Today is a lazy day...what can I do with it that's useful? I don't think I did much useful stuff today, but it gets you thinking. Am I just going to waste another day? What can I be doing with this day? Will this free time give me more God-time? How can I benefit and help others benefit from this lazy day?

Good ideas for lazy days:
Spend time with God and family.
Bake cookies for an old folk's home or just for one of your neighbors.
Pray about things that are on your heart.
Make a friendship scrapbook, recipe book, or a notebook filled with Bible verses and notes to give to a friend or family member going through a hard time.
Make jewelry to sell for a good cause or give to one of your friends.
Take pictures around the house of things or people you love and put them in a notebook or scrapbook, or email them to a friend.

Ask God what to do on your lazy day...He surely knows!



Guess what? Today my team went to a volleyball tournament! In the first bracket we placed third out of fourth, and then in the next we didn't place at all, but it was still tons of fun! I love it that our team shouts encouraging words and 'FROG' - 'Fully Rely on God', and we also pray before practices (and also before a game). It was sooo awesome! And God blessed me with an amazing moment. The crowd was cheering so loud for our team, and I was just so happy. And even though we didn't place, I am still happy! God is so great and full of blessing! Never forget (He loves you)! p.s. click here to check out the new 'Devos' page, where you can find new devotionals and old ones!

Picture taken by Dave DeAndrea


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