Hey all. Our family recently went to Eugene on a family trip. We got some shopping in and went to a Holt International (an adoption company) picnic. Let's talk about what that has to do with worship...

First of all, it was really cool seeing all the children playing together - no matter the color of their skin. It was almost like everyone at the picnic was in harmony, getting along, playing together, praising a wonderful God and being living examples of His great love for everyone. In the Bible God says it's important to have fellowship with other believers. What does that mean, anyway? I believe that even if you just have faith in your heart, you are a Christian, but don't you think it makes God SOOO much more happy when we have faith in our heart and also in our actions? We can pray with other believers, lift each other up, and worship God with each other. It's amazing what God can do with one person - and it's amazing what He can do with a lot, yah know? God IS amazing. He DESERVES worship. And it makes Him that much more happy when we have fellowship with one another.

Although I don't COMPLETELY understand this topic of worship, I think it makes God happy when we work together and worship Christ with each other. I think it makes Him smile - smile down on you :). ♥

A couple definitions of fellowship: companionship, a mutual sharing

Please also remember that you don't have to be LIKE a person to be in fellowship with them. Even if your interests are different, God loves it when you worship and talk to Him together.

If you would like to comment today, please tell us what you think about fellowship or a time when you have had fellowship with someone else that was super awesome.

Talk later!

♥God loves you!♥
p.s. the pic is at our youth group's 30 Hour Famine.

Bookworm  – (August 9, 2010 at 4:35 PM)  

Great post, Talia! I'm going to ask for your book for Christmas, even though that's a while from now. : )

I think it would be so awesome to publish a book! I'd probably donate most of the money from the sales to Give Kids The World, just because that is a GR8 charity!! : )

Anonymous –   – (August 12, 2010 at 7:28 PM)  


I love how all of those kids live for Jesus! Praise God!

Have a wonderful day!


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