Back From Camp!

Hey, girls! My sister Haley and I just went to a summer camp, and - wow - it was super fun!!!

My favorite part of all of camp was when we were singing worship songs around the fire. My sister brought her guitar and did worship music, and then after that our youth pastor, Mike, opened it up for any of us to share something we had learned over the week. Like 7 of us shared, and I was super surprised by 2 people who did. I think God is definitely working!

That was sooo amazing. After that we did a midnight swim (which was super fun) and made a 'whirlpool'. We also played a game before campfire called The Romans and the Christians'. It was amazing! The kids were the 'Christians' and the counselors the 'Romans'. You were trying to hide from them and find the 'Apostles' to have Bible studies with them (the 2 I went to were awesome), but if you got caught you had to do something for the Romans. I had to crawl to jail, and I even got whacked on the back and head with a plastic bat and swatted on the leg, and when I got to 'jail' I had to do push-ups, sit-ups, wall sits, and I had to lay on my back and put my feet 6 inches in the air, which hurt like crazy (although I put them down when the 'Romans' weren't looking!). Over and over I was asked to deny my faith, but I (along with a few others) wouldn't. Christ is my Savior. I'm not about to deny him! So, a counselor - aka Roman - asked me if I wanted to die for Christ. I said, "If that's what it comes to." So he 'killed' me by marking an index card I had with a red cross. Then I went to 'heaven'. It was amazing and a real eye-opener! If you were challenged for your faith, would you deny Christ? Even in the little things of every day or in your actions? Would you deny him? Would you say you didn't know him by what you are saying and doing? If it ever came to it, would you die for your faith in Christ? Would you die for him?

While we ponder that, here's a camp pic of all the (tired) junior highers:

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