Hey, guys (er - girls)! Guess what? I'm playing volleyball! I'm playing on a really great, Christian team. We're doing a volleyball camp this week, which my mom volunteered to help coach (along with our VB coach, Mrs. B.). Next week we start practices! EEE!!! Ha ha ha. Volleyball is not only fun (and a workout), but it's also a great reminder. Although I know our team probably isn't the best in the area, I think it's awesome to try hard and play for God. Before serves, our team usually says 'F.R.O.G.', which means 'Fully Rely On God'. Isn't that awesome? It also reminds the girls on our team to get in the ready position. I wanna play for God. Although I mess up and flunk at stuff, He won't do me wrong!

p.s. My sister is also playing (for another team)! How cool is that? See a cool blog post here.


Books N' Braces

Hey guys! Guess what I got today? BRACES! First of all, before I show you a pic, I'd like to talk about something... what you see when you look in the mirror.

When you gaze at your reflection, do you absolutely love yourself, just like yourself, or can't stand another second in front of the mirror? What I want to say today for a really short devo is that God made you gorgeous, girlio! He wants you to love how He made you - beautiful. And by that I don't mean that God wants you to be self-centered and think you're all that. But He wants you to like what you see when you look in the mirror. He made you for a purpose. Glorify Him!

Now a pic of me with braces!

They don't hurt TOO badly but
are a little sore.

What else that's been up with me... I went to a lake and hung out with relatives, went to a youth group BBQ, went to a lake with friends, and went to a lake with my youth group! LOTS of lake fun!

I also just got this book in the mail. It's a devotional by Nancy Rue called 'That is SO Me!'. I won it on a contest on Nancy's tween blog, 'Tween You and Me (click to check it out).

I have enjoyed it so far. Thanks, Mrs. Rue!

Also, last (but not least), Happy birthday to my very fun friend, Chelsea!!! Love ya, girlie! Hope you're having a great day!


What a Fun Time!

Hey, girlios! Yesterday was such an amazing day, and I'd love to tell you about it! Our cousins are visiting, so we got to hang out with them. We celebrated my cousin Ethan's 8th birthday and ate cookie dough ice cream and a 'Patrick' (from Spongebob) cake! Elias gave Ethan a Mighty Warriors Devotional book, and Ethan also got some legos and stuff. Then we went to youth group a little early to help out. Our two older cousins, Jaden and Alec, came with us. we had a BBQ and game night, since it's our last youth group for a little while. We played water games, which were so fun! Then, at the end, we kept filling stuff up with water and dousing people! Some of us were ganging up on my cousins, too, who were TOO dry :)... however, that was fixed :), including when my dad hid a pitcher of water behind his back and got Alec wet! Yeah! Heeheehee! So it was really fun, and we had a great time! I was soaked when we got home. LOL! ☺

Pretty soon I'm getting braces, so that should be exciting! A new 'adventure' :)! Heehee!! Hahaha!

Thanks for reading :). Talk later!!! What are you up to today? Do you like water games?

God bless.

♥In Christ,


Your Ideas

Hey, girls! I was wondering...after we finish the current topic (worship), what topic would YOU like to talk about? Please comment below with your input!


Happy Birthday!

I just want to say happy (belated) birthday to my great friend, Beth!!! I hope you had a great day! Love ya so much, girlio! ♥ ♥ ♥


Back From Camp!

Hey, girls! My sister Haley and I just went to a summer camp, and - wow - it was super fun!!!

My favorite part of all of camp was when we were singing worship songs around the fire. My sister brought her guitar and did worship music, and then after that our youth pastor, Mike, opened it up for any of us to share something we had learned over the week. Like 7 of us shared, and I was super surprised by 2 people who did. I think God is definitely working!

That was sooo amazing. After that we did a midnight swim (which was super fun) and made a 'whirlpool'. We also played a game before campfire called The Romans and the Christians'. It was amazing! The kids were the 'Christians' and the counselors the 'Romans'. You were trying to hide from them and find the 'Apostles' to have Bible studies with them (the 2 I went to were awesome), but if you got caught you had to do something for the Romans. I had to crawl to jail, and I even got whacked on the back and head with a plastic bat and swatted on the leg, and when I got to 'jail' I had to do push-ups, sit-ups, wall sits, and I had to lay on my back and put my feet 6 inches in the air, which hurt like crazy (although I put them down when the 'Romans' weren't looking!). Over and over I was asked to deny my faith, but I (along with a few others) wouldn't. Christ is my Savior. I'm not about to deny him! So, a counselor - aka Roman - asked me if I wanted to die for Christ. I said, "If that's what it comes to." So he 'killed' me by marking an index card I had with a red cross. Then I went to 'heaven'. It was amazing and a real eye-opener! If you were challenged for your faith, would you deny Christ? Even in the little things of every day or in your actions? Would you deny him? Would you say you didn't know him by what you are saying and doing? If it ever came to it, would you die for your faith in Christ? Would you die for him?

While we ponder that, here's a camp pic of all the (tired) junior highers:



Hey all. Our family recently went to Eugene on a family trip. We got some shopping in and went to a Holt International (an adoption company) picnic. Let's talk about what that has to do with worship...

First of all, it was really cool seeing all the children playing together - no matter the color of their skin. It was almost like everyone at the picnic was in harmony, getting along, playing together, praising a wonderful God and being living examples of His great love for everyone. In the Bible God says it's important to have fellowship with other believers. What does that mean, anyway? I believe that even if you just have faith in your heart, you are a Christian, but don't you think it makes God SOOO much more happy when we have faith in our heart and also in our actions? We can pray with other believers, lift each other up, and worship God with each other. It's amazing what God can do with one person - and it's amazing what He can do with a lot, yah know? God IS amazing. He DESERVES worship. And it makes Him that much more happy when we have fellowship with one another.

Although I don't COMPLETELY understand this topic of worship, I think it makes God happy when we work together and worship Christ with each other. I think it makes Him smile - smile down on you :). ♥

A couple definitions of fellowship: companionship, a mutual sharing

Please also remember that you don't have to be LIKE a person to be in fellowship with them. Even if your interests are different, God loves it when you worship and talk to Him together.

If you would like to comment today, please tell us what you think about fellowship or a time when you have had fellowship with someone else that was super awesome.

Talk later!

♥God loves you!♥
p.s. the pic is at our youth group's 30 Hour Famine.


Thankfulness Conclusion

First of all, I'd like to conclude the thankfulness study by posting Mary's comment on the post about being thankful for the 'Oh, Brother!' things, like stuff you take for granted (check out 'Thankful for THAT?!'):

Mary - "I'm thankful for my siblings that (like yours) annoy me sometimes. But I know that when they go off to college I will cry!"

Thanks for posting, Mary ☺. It's true that although a lot of us can relate that our siblings sometimes annoy us, a lot of us really do love them a ton and would be sad to see them go, huh? That's the conclusion to the thankfulness study, and I just want to say that thankfulness is great, and that God deserves thanks. He's so awesome and full of blessings that He pours out on us. I don't know what you think, but I think God deserves a lot of thanks.

Talk soon! ☺

♥ Talia


Cool Contest!

I saw this contest on one of my fave blogs, A Writerz Corner. I hope you'll check it out :)! God bless ya!
Talia <3


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