Fast-Spreading Fire

Hey there! This is my second 'official' blog post, and I want to talk about 2 things - what happened today, and being careful of what we say. First of all...

Today we went to a restaurant (where we also saw some friends), and while we were eating my dad told me someone there he knew had talked to him about me getting my book published! I was surprised! Word spreads quickly - like fire! I want to link this to what I want to say to you as well - and that is that we should watch what we say. If I say something that displeases God, I know it sure makes me (and GOD) feel bad. How about you? Think about that. And spreading rumors and gossip is not great either. I'm totally guilty of it, too. And NOT proud of it! So today I want to tell you to be careful about what you say. Let's try to make our words be only God-glorifying. If we come to a situation and we don't know if God would say what we want to say or not (that was a confusing sentence - sorry!), we should think: What would Jesus do? Would he talk about a PG-13 movie that your best friend claimed was so awesome because of all the blood and gore? No, I don't think so. Would he brag about how your volleyball team is so going to show up the other team? No. Just remember - don't let your words be a fast-spreading fire. Do what Jesus would do.

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